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How Do You Salt Load?


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I'm pretty new to salt-loading, but here's my regimen:

Drink Gatorade (64 oz) - equivalent to almost a gram of sodium

Eat high sodium foods - Campbell's soup or Ramen's both have about 800 mg per serving - a meal is about 1600 mg! Boston Market frozen dinners (for me) or other frozen dinners are loaded with sodium. Triscuits, Saltines, exchanged pudding for ice cream, and ham and cheese on a bagel (lots of sodium in that simple sandwich - about 1400 mg). You should have seen their faces at the deli when I asked them to check which ham had the HIGHEST sodium! :)

Googling for "sodium content in food" is helpful... I just eat everything they say to avoid. Here's a really good link: http://www.umext.maine.edu/onlinepubs/htmpubs/4059.htm

I tried salt tablets, but they made me too nauseated. My doctor prescribed the high salt diet because my blood pressure was low to normal. It's important to have your doctor okay a high sodium diet since that can result in or drastically worsen high blood pressure.

A normal diet is about 2,000-2,400 mg; mine is supposed to be about 10,000 mg. I can usually eat and drink between 4,000 and 5,000 mg a day if I try REALLY hard.

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I noticed that when I am hungry, I am looking forward to eating something salty, anchovies, olives, salty almonds... And I add more salt to my food...

I also drink something similar to Gatorade (Aquarius)...

(I have a low blood pressure. The other day, at the chemist, when they checked my blood pressure, they wondered how I could keep standing :) )



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This is a popular topic on the board as salt-loading is a common thing that people with POTS do to raise their BP...

Just recently there was a post called 'What are your favorite Salty foods" and there have been numerous other posts on the topic.

I would highly recommend doing a 'TOPIC' search for the words 'Salt' and 'Salty' for foods. You can also do search for 'salt tablets' and 'thermotabs' as a keyword search if you would like to learn more about using these to supplement.

Hope this helps! You will hopefully find lots of salty foods to stock up on!

Happy snacking...


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Also, be careful with drinking lots of Gatorade. Most people with POTS can't exercise, and gatorade has lots of sugar and will likely make you gain weight...weight that may be impossible to lose.

I used to drink gatorade but switched to water with 1/8 tsp of salt per liter. It adds up to about the same amount of sodium as gatorade but without all the sugar.

Happy Salting!

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My Neurologist has me drinking Pedialyte each night. MANY fewer calories than Gatorade. Though it may not be as tasty. The grape and apple flavor have done pretty well for me. He also said that the amounts of the various ingredients in the Pedialyte work better in the body for regulation such as this than the Gatorade would, at least for me.

I am off to find a snack of salty pretzels!


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I'm eating potato chips right now :) !

V-8 is much higher in salt than gatorade, and has more potassium.

I keep a candy dish with salted nuts on the counter and carry Seaweed in my car.--hard to find the kind that doesn't taste fishy,( I love Atlantic dulse), but that's a matter of taste. And it's good for you. :)

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I drink the V-8---I love it. Chips don't really have that much sodium----pretzels have more, but chips taste great, and taste like they are really salty. So far the highest amount of sodium I can find in pretzels is 580mg in Rold Gold made by Frito Lay-----the skinny little stick pretzels----not the pretzel rods.

Campbells soups----------especially chicken and stars---1100mgs of sodium-----shocked3.gif

Some of the soups that aren't marked 'healthy request" have MSG though---so if you can tolerate MSG---go for it. I'd rather not----- i'm not allergic to it, just makes me bloat & gastric upset, and a little tachy if I have enough of it.

And yes---many of the frozen dinners have high sodium. However, lot's of other undesirable additives are in there also--------------did you ever read the ingredients?--------------- :lol:

Fun thread------- :)

Maxine :0)

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Just tried a new trick and thought you all might be interested. I can barely drink plain water let alone salted, but as Dizzy Dame mentioned, Gatorade is loaded with calories. Turns out you can mix 1/2 teaspoon of salt with the Crystal Light mix plus 64 oz water, and it tastes great. There are 400 calories and 880 mg sodium in a 64 oz bottle of Gatorade vs. 40 calories and 1180 mg sodium in the same quantity of Crystal Light (less expensive to buy, too). So far, I've tried Raspberry Ice and Strawberry-Kiwi.

My apologies if this has been mentioned before.

Happy salting!


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