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Hi and welcome,

I understand the husband thing...mine offers little support(he doesn't know how I think). Support is very important for our sanity!! Especially when we are told nothing is wrong. ;)

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I hope you find what you need here, emotionally and information-wise. I joined a few months ago, and I have really benefited a lot. It's really great to have a group of people who truly, and really understand the way it feels, and yet have their own perspective and their own unique contributions, and an easy way of contacting them too.


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Welcome! You found the right place! It is a great place to find info and get support.

I can understand,along with everyone i'm sure!, what you are going thru, with lack of support! They try- but forget! We live everyday and every minute sick- while they sometimes forget- and they dont really know what its like- my all time favorite is when someone says, 'oh ya, i get really dizzy when I stand up too', or Im tired and my body hurts too! I dont get offended by it, cause the are TRYING - but its like please- dont say anything!

Well I apologize for the long rant- but I think you will be VERY happy in what you find at this site! Best of Luck to you!

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