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:lol: Some good news.

Looking for a cardiologist who knows about POTS, I have contacted with a surgean (cardiologist) who treated a relative some months ago. Even though he was on duty and assisting his patients (Hospital) - we had no appointment - he was so kind to meet with us (my husband and me) in a private room.

I showed him POTS brochure + a translation into Spanish and talked about some of my symptoms.

He said he knew about POTS, though he is not a specialist of it (he is a surgeon). Then he said he knew a very good friend, cardiologist, who can diagnose and treat POTS... Only about 10 km. from our home!


He said I will have to go through some tests:

* Holter

* Tilt Table


and maybe an electrophysiologic test... but that, he said, would be one of the last resources... He mentioned that sometimes a pacemaker is needed, though he insisted that this could not my need. Even though, he offered himself for the surgery if it was suggested by his friend. :) (How nice)

Adding it was very important to get a diagnosis.

Then he took my pulse (we were sitting) and said it was too fast for being at rest. He asked me if I have a low blood pressure and the medicines I was taking and... Meanwhile we get an appointment with the specialist, he prescribed ATENOLOL 25 mg. (1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening), stating that as it causes a low blood pressure, which I have, I should take it the way he has specified...

This is the first time in my life that a cardiologist really cares about my health and admits it can be POTS, as without any diagnosis, he has prescribed that kind of medicine.

:P I am so happy! We are so happy! There is hope!

I wanted to share it with you, because I know you were worried about my health and this would have never happened if I had not found POTS place and DINET?s forum! I would not have any idea about POTS without your help my dear friends.

We have to call on Monday morning for the appointment. I am looking forward to it! (even though I am a little scared about the tilt test... I am aware there is a high possibility to faint... :ph34r: ).

Regarding ATENOLOL, I just wanted to know your experience with this drug. As I have not been diagnosed yet and I do have a low blood pressure, do you think I should check my blood pressure from time to time?

Please, tell me something. How do you do with it?

Thank you for reading,

Take care,



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I am happy that you have found a med that is helping you, as well as a doctor who can help you. At one point I was on Atenolol 25mg, but it was 2 times a day. I ended up having to stop taking it though. However, I should tell you that I was prescribed it for a heart arrhythmia, before I was diagnosed with POTS, even though I did have POTS at that point.

I didn't seem to have a problem with it. I was put on Toprol XL, because my docs wanted me on something that was extended released so I wouldnt have to worry about taking the pills at certain times of the day...Anyhow, hope this helps! Goodluck!


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So nice to hear about this Dr. taking time to speak with you and recommending someone who will hopefully be able to help.

I take atenelol and have no real problems from it. I take 1/4 in the a.m. and sometimes 1/4 in the p.m. or during the day if needed. I have not noticed to much of b/p drop with it, at least not enough to notice unless I go up to 50mg then I notice it.

Good luck :ph34r:

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Thank you both for your answers, you have been most helpful. :(

I started with my first dosis of Atenolol last night (1/4 of 50 mg) and another 1/4 this morning. My pulse has gone down and I do not think that my blood pressure has, which is good.

Even though, I still felt some chest discomfort this morning while doing some shoppings... I have not had much time to see if things have gone much better, but we will see when cooking, doing the homework, etc. I cannot imagine that this pill will stop all the symptoms... Will see what happens when we meet with the cardiologist.

Jacquie, it seems he thought I have a heart arrhythmia too, as my pulse was too fast (while sitting) and he said I had to take Atenolol until my visit with the cardiologist... I also think I have POTS. Similar to what happened to you.

I do not think that Atenolol will be the only thing prescribed for my POTS, don?t you?



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