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My Birthday Boy, Wilbur


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Hi everyone, Wilbur has been keeping me laughing every day--he's a clown in cat's clothing :P and he's too smart for his own good. Last night he opened the top drawer in our bathroom vanity--and not just a little--he opened it ALL the way. Teri caught him two days ago carrying around a full bar of soap in his mouth. Then, he pulled out the stainless steel tub stopper and brought it to us in bed.

He's found my hiding spot for his "fishing rod" that has a bell and piece of rope on the end that he likes to play with. He fished it out from under a stack of FOUR bed pillows and carried it around by the ROD for a while. When he was done, he tried to tuck it back where he found it--under the pillows. The only reason I knew he found it is because I was peeking at him by opening the door just a little b/c I'd heard the bell from downstairs. Notice that there are baby locks on the door handles to the bedroom in the background of some photos... they're mandatory for him!

Those baby locks we got for the cabinets now have to go on all the drawers too! NinaCIMG0733.jpg

I LOVE the way he lays like a dog with his legs to the side... funny boy!



And, here he is watching his jingle bell that I'm holding up on the bed while he was on the floor.


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OMG!! i still cant get over his ears! LOL.. he is a very adorable kitty.. and he really is big allready! WOW!!

Im glad that he is entertaining you! cats are great that way he looks like fun..:)

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It sounds like Wilbur sure is keeping you busy!!!

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Our new kitty, Wilbur has forced me into being an early morning person. He wakes at the crack of dawn and turns into kamakazi kitty on the sheets, pouncing on shadows... then running back to me and Teri, kissing us on the heads, and back to play.

When I say kisses, I'm mean REAL kisses, with an extra raspy sandpaper tounge, and he particularly like eyelids to kiss... funny little guy. Would have been funnier this am if I didn't have bronchitis and wasn't so exhausted. However, I no longer need to exfoliate my face :ph34r: he's done it for me :lol: I wish you all could meet him in person--he'd be your laugh therapy for the day. :lol:

He's still in quarantine, so we'll see if Abbi loves him or hates him starting on Tues... hmmmm.... Nina

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Sounds like a blast of a little guy...though the early morning wake up stuff is tough...my guys do that for food..I can't free feed because one cat is fat and I LIMIT his food or he would inhale his brothers food, too!

.good luck introducing the cats a little at a time.


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They haven't officially met yet--Abbi was up sniffing at the door last night and puffed up like a fat racoon and ran away when Wilbur stuck his paw under the door. I'm waiting for Teri to be home from a business trip so that we can both be there --one for each cat-- and we'll bring Abbi into Wilbur's domain so he feels safe and secure. Abbi normally runs to me when scared, so I can hold her if she gets upset and take her out of she's really not happy.

At this point, he's too much of a little monster for me to let him around the rest of the house without full time supervision... he will chew on electric and phone cords and I've not yet been able to find a solution blocking him from touching the tv/vcr/satelite cords in the basement. Also, we have a few things in the basement that still require babyproofing, so for now, he's still in our master bedroom/bathroom. He essentially has a suite to himself, and Abbi has the rest of the house...2nd floor, first floor and basement to claim as HERS.


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