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Update From Last Week


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Well Things are going slow here. I am still getting these headaches/ migraines. I am hoping that they will go away but it is not looking like it. Well I did some good news, my doctor called the hospital, and asked them to pull my old CT scans, and they found that on one of my old ones when they looked at it also showed a mass. Since it was on the last one they are not as worried about it, and believe it to be move like a cist. So they are just going to keep an eye on things. I can?t have the MRI the radiologist wanted due to the pacemaker. My heart doctor said it would destroy the circuit boar on the pacer. So I am ok with waiting. (You know some days I hate that pacer) So at least it sounds better then it did last week! Thank you for all you kind words, and thoughts, and prayers. It means a lot to have you all here. :rolleyes:

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Amy, I am glad you posted an update---I was starting to get really worried! I hope that the mass is just a cyst and that it stays the same on all future films. :rolleyes:


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Thank you for updating us. I agree with Nina, the worry gene was kicking in for me too! :rolleyes:

It kinda makes you wonder why no one said anything about the cyst on the CT scan from earlier? BUT, definitely a good thing that it has stayed the same and not grown or appeared to change! Thank goodness!!

Maybe youre brain is just that way, eh? A little lumpy? Sorry, I'm always goofy and wonder if people get my humor!

I had my MRI done of my brain last year, and I was on the phone with my ANS doc when he received the faxed report. He says, 'Yep, here it is, a typical Davidson brain, not much brain matter!' Gee thanks! He always can make me laugh.

You're doing excellent in the patience department on this one!


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Hey.....Thanks for the update, I was wondering how you had made out with everything. What do the docs do for a cyst on your brain??

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