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Downward Spiral


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Hi guys,

I know I haven't posted much lately but I have been very symptomatic. I went into Boston today to see my EP/Cardio..

I have been on Midodrine 10mg every 3-4 hours for the last few months. Today I took my dose at 830am and at 1030am I thought I was going to pass out. I got the grey/black fuzzy vision and almost lost my balance. My cardio increased the Midodrine to 15mg. Hopefully this works, because I'm not doing quite so good anymore.

We finally scheduled an apptmt for me to see Dr. Novak, the neuro/autonomic specialist at Boston Medical Center. It's going to make things alot easier because now all 3 specialists are in the same hospital, so hopefully communication is better.

Once I see the endo again or the new neuro I am going to be scheduled for a sleep study. I don't know if this is going to help find any answers, but hopefully it can explain somethings...such as waking up SOB, Palps, Sweats...basically if it can answer even one "little" thing I will be happy.

Also, I am hoping this neuro can help figure out what's causing my headaches/fatigue/nausea/anything!!!

Anyhow, just wanted to update you guys.

Hope all is well with everyone! I think about you guys alot. <_<


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Hey there Jacquie!

I completely understand about not being on and posting as much lately, due to being symptomatic, as I've been the same lately! <_<

Keep us posted on how everything goes at Boston Clinic, okay? I'm sure the sleep study will be an interesting deal too!

Maybe between the sleep study and seeing all the docs at the Boston Clinic, you will be able to find out what's causing all the troubling symptoms you mentioned.

Hope all goes well........


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What can they find out threw a sleep srtudy? Maybe I should request to have one done while I am here at the Mayo just to cover more gorund and to maybe help with more answers too?

I wish you the best and I hope they can find more useful information to help you and I will pray that the meds work better <_<.

Take care and I many good thought to you.


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I'm not exactly sure what a sleep study looks for in regards if it just shows whether a person has sleep apnea or what not. I know they do EEG's, etc. while you are sleeping, but thats about all I know.

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Hopefully this is just a bad patch you are going through and it will pass. It's good that all the dr's will be in the same place on the same page. It's tough to bounce around from one place to the next and wonder if your latest reports etc, have made it from one place to the next.

Hope you feel better.

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