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Extra Heartbeats, Skips & Runs


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I aint been on here for a while, been working, still got the same job.

Anyway, it seems my daily symptoms went away, and for a while i seemed fine but ive had the oddest things happen to me latley.

I could be lying down, standing or sitting up and out of the blue my heartbeat will add an extra beat or 2, or 3, really fast, then skip a beat, then return to normal, lasts about 5 seconds maximum. I get no pain or anything, and when it passes thats it. It happens a few times a day, usually when im eating, well this is when i notice it, but it happened just when i was in bed.

Does anyone have this? It sort of shocks for for a second, and then gets me paranoid for a bit. My anxiety is 90% better then it used to be, and my life seems better .... ish.

It just seems to be another problem to add the the list of the ammount i already have. Anyone want to throw some light on the subject?


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I get these fairly frequently, sometimes I notice them more and other times not. What my cardio said is they are premature beats and then the pauses comes from it going back into the normal pattern of your heart beating. These usually also give me a sensation to cough or like a little bit of pressure in my throat. If this isn't something you've experienced before you may want to check with a dr.


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