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Hi all,

I keep getting yeast infections that even perscription meds don't cure completely. The reason I'm posting this is because I have never had a yeast infection untill I started feeling sick? Could it be related to dysautonomia? I would think so, but would feel better if I'm not alone here. :blink:

Thanks...and sorry for getting so personal.

Amber ;)

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Thanks for the reassurance I'm not alone! It's easier to deal with to know I'm not the only one. Just another additive to go with the illness I suppose.

Again thanks,


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I get yeast infections MULTIPLE times and even before my POTS dx.

I have tried diet and EXPENSIVE SUPPLEMENTS &*#%@@&^& over the years. Now I am in my late 40's and the hormonal fluctuations can cause this for me as can my yo yo blood sugar....High then low then who knows.

I have luck with Gyne Lotrimin and some one dose deal I got from sample at OB GYN office.

Monistat BURNS and I can't use similar products.

Good luck. This stuff is a drag.

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I'll have to try the Activia. ;) I have had other brands that seem to help some, but it's almost like I always have an infection. But more mild then it is right now, thankfully.

I also read that you can use plain yogurt as a cream. I know it sounds icky, but it has helped with the itching. This is the first time I have used it, but it seems to work better then the pills I have been given.


Amber :blink:

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