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Update On Michigan Jan's Husband


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With Jan's permission, I am posting the latest happenings in a nutshell. The first is a small blurb from an email, followed by another email update


Jeff had a crisis from his tumor bleeding and that it stopped and that he is now home with me . . . it is possible for a person with dysautonomia to survive an ambulance ride in the front seat with the sirens blasting!

Thank you for all the prayers, metta, and good wishes.

Jeff came home from the hospital today. His tumor stopped bleeding, and he is now able to eat a liquid diet--at least 4-6 cans of Ensure a day, supplemented with jello and whatever else he can manage. His pain is being controlled by pills. He still has low hemoglobin, but he can walk around now without getting dizzy and he is in good spirits.

The clinical trial he was enrolled in is no longer a good option for him, however, tomorrow he goes back to Karmanos for a doctor appointment with the oncologist who has been caring for him for many months, and the doctor is going to make a treatment plan that will be some kind of chemo.

We are tired, but we are together and he has had a shower and I vaccumed and changed the sheets and we so we have a clean place to sleep, which seems like a luxury right now.


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I continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to help hold you up as Jeff makes his latest charge into batlle. I hope you are able to live in the moment and get some better outcome from the next dose of chemo.

Cyber hugs to you and Jeff


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Continued prayers and thoughts being sent for both of you-------------

Oh yes, the simple things in life can seem so wonderful sometimes, being home, clean sheets, a shower and well the ability to vacuum is a real bonus!! Spoon in those sheets and enjoy your moments together between all the apts. <_< Take care

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Hi Jan,

Just wanted to let you know both you and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers....I'm hoping the next round of treatment has a better outcome...

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Thanks Sophia,

That is nice of you to post for Jan.

I admire your strength Jan-------------you and Jeff have been through a lot together, and you both continue to stay strong. I continue to keep you and Jeff in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep hanging in there-----and remember to take care of yourself too.......... :)



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