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Breathing Problems While Falling Asleep


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Lately when I'm trying to fall asleep or just lying down I feel like it's hard to breathe. Because it's hard to catch my breathe it feels like my heart stops and starts quickly. It's very scary feeling. My chest also feels heavy during these episodes.

I know my heart is fine so I'm not to worried but was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this?

I don't wake up gasping for air so I don't think it's sleep apnea or anything like that.

Since it's a new symptom do you think it could be my betablocker my vitals were 106/62 hr 62 while lying down with these episodes.

Any suggestions?


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Slow deep breaths and try saying a word or counting slowly when you exhale make sure you are taking air into your nose and out through your mouth..I do this a few times when I am laying down and whewn I feel like I cannot breathe..try and concentrate on slowing your breathing down ...sometimes I know I have been told that I am getting too much Co2 not sure what is causing it for you...

Um..also try and put your hand on your belly and that will help you to know if it is going up and down if you are taking good breaths.

I cannot stand this symptom..Hope it doesn't lst for you too long..

Take care girl,Bee

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Hi Dayna

I also have this problem when trying to go to sleep. My chest feels so heavy and I feel like I just can't get a deep breath. I actually sleep with three or four pillows because I have found that this helps me breathe at night. Wishing you a night of peaceful slumber


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Hi, I also have the same symptoms...sometimes I wake up out of breath...do you ever get that????


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