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Last Night Er Vist


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Well I yesterday I was not feeling well all day. I had a doctor appointment that I had to go to (I promised my mom I would go OBGYN long story, but when she found out she had breast cancer she made me promises I would go see a doctor). Anyways I was very hot out, and I had to go so far, then was no handicap parking spaces around so I packed it parking ramp and had to go in my wheelchair the whole, way. When I got there I had to wait a while to be seen. This appointment went find but on the way home my heat started racing and I got another migraine starting so I went to the hospital. They asked me what was wrong I told them they did a quick EKG witch by this time I was back to pacing, so they said please go to the waiting room and we will be with you soon. I was in pain, I ended up waiting 3 ? hours to been seen. When they finally get me to a room, I an in a room with a chair only. The nurse come in and takes my medical history and says how sorry she was that O had to wait and went and got the doctor, who came in right away, and order an IV, and need gave me pain meds, and muscle relaxes. Here I am in a chair and I am starting to pass out. I tried to more but anytime I even begin to move I started to black out. At this time there are no nurse anywhere, there was no call light. Later I had to go to the bathroom, I ended up crawling to the bathroom that was in this room (lucky) and just sat in there. The nurse finally comes and says are you ok, I say I am dizzy, and she says it promably the meds are you ready to go home. I said I am to dizzy to drive, so she said I will give you so more time, and we will see. So 30 mins. The released me. I didn?t know what to do so I got to my car and drove more 33 miles. I am very lucky I made it home. I still don?t know how. (My husband was working out of town). When I got home I crashed on the bed, and did get up until noon today.

The said that the migraines that I keep getting could be from stress, or the pots. They gave me prescriptions for Prednisone, and Midrin. So I got to get these filled tonight. I am not sure if they will help but will give it a try! What a night. I dislike hospitals so much!

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My gosh, I have heard such hospital horror stories on here. I have never had a really bad experience with the hospitals around here, guess I am very lucky.

I can't believe the hospital had you go home when you were soo dizzy.

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