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Felt Better While In The Hospital For 5 Days With Son

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My 2 yr old was just in the hospital for 7 days and I was with him for every moment. I actually felt ALOT better in the hospital than I do when I'm at home. I had energy, minimal nausea and no headaches. I walked alot while carrying him and felt fine. I know my energy had to kick in to care for him but I'm at home and he still needs me because he is still really sick and now after being home for a full day I am very nauseated, have a headache and get lightheaded when standing.

I know my home didn't cause my illness but there is something here that is exbarating my symptoms. EVERYTIME I leave for a full day I start feeling more manageable.

I need to move but we just got a new furnace $4,700, new windows, new garage door, patio door and a deck and I love it. It will help it sell better but our neighborhood is great and I'll be soooo sad to leave expecially if I'm jusy as sick at a new home.

I don't know what to do. When my daughter is done with school we are all going to live at my moms for a week and see if I can better care for them there. That will be my final experiment.

I wrote about this in the past but does anyone have any suggestions. I DON"T WANT TO MOVE because it will be one more thing this illness has taken from me.

Should I see an allergist about environmental allergies?

We had our house tested for radon, carbon monoxide, mold (small amount in attic) and we have very little carpet. I don't know what else it could be.

Sorry for rambling I am just so sad at the thought of leaving because of this illness. By the way..my home is 15yrs old.

Maybe I should get an air exchange system ($2,500) but I don't want to spend anymore if were going to move.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated

thanks to all and I missed everyone while I was away at Children's Hospital. I need a good hour to catch up on everyone's posts.


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Dayna..I don't think it would hurt yo to see an allergist as for a waste of time..no at least oyu would know if there is something specific going on that is making oyu worse. Or maybe you actually got your mind off pOTS a little bit and and it helped your symptoms..

I know that being less focused as much as I can has helped me tremendously of course there are those days that you can't help it :) .

At any rate I hope your son is okay and sorry to hear about him...

Take care..Belinda

P.s. A certain doc told me recently that I DO have allergies and what a tremendous effect is has on the ANS system..like when one part is out of whack the whole thing goes out of whack..

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One possibility is that when we're home there is SO much to do that we just overdo it and end up having more problems than when we're away. At the hospital you had just one child to care for (Granted under stressful circumstances), no meals to prepare, no laundry... it all adds up. I actually moved back in with my parents (along with my husband and two children) for a year. I think trying out a week at your mom's is a great idea. Maybe even stay the whole summer (while it's so hot, too) if you can.

Good luck and I hope things work out for you soon.


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Guest tearose

I would add that if your current home has stairs that you must remember your heart is stressed much more each time you ascend the stairs. Add to that a load of wash or a bag of groceries and then any type of allergy and for sure you are wiped out by noon every day!

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Thank you everyone for your replies. I agree that their is ALOT more going on in my house that adds to my exhaustion BUT it happens even if my husband takes over all my duties and lets me rest for days sometimes weeks at a time. So basically I don't nedd to push myself except for playing and cuddling with the kids.

I also don't think it is just the distraction because with 3 young ones I'm distracted all the time but I see how it could seem that way.

I'm going to schedule with an allergist and go to moms in a month and she said I can stay as long as needed. It will just be hard because her house is sooo tiny and 3 kids might make the situation alittle more stressful. But it's better that feeling sick!!!

Thanks again I'll update you when the allergist checks me out.


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Guest sonotech

Hi Dayna,

I really hope your son is better. What is he sick with?

As a parent also, I know moving would be your LAST resort, but think of your children. IF it IS something in your home, wouldn't you want to protect your children from it? You would never want your kids to go through what you go through.

How do your children feel when they are home? Does anyone ELSE get sick in your house?

Definately get tested for allergies, but if you have a gut instinct that your home could be the culprit, then keep investigating. You owe it to YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY!!

Hope the week stay at your moms will help. By the way, is your Hubby being supportive rt now?

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Sonotech- I agree and that's why I worry. I don't want to expose my kids to anything but can't figure out what it could be.

My husband feels more fatigue at home and has some other issues but don't know if it's directly related. My kids seem fine. They all have seasonal allergies now and never did before.

BUT the lady who lived here before me died of cancer and our neighbor 2 doors down died of cancer and about 5 women between 3 blocks are breast cancer survivers. I know that's not related to my illness but it just seems voodoo.

Well I see an allergist next week so I'll see what he says.

By the way my son was dx with Kawasaki Diease.It's autoimmune and attacks the blood vessels in his body. He was treated 2x with IVIG. It's curable and he should have recovered faster than he is so the doctors are perplexed with why he still has fevers every 10/12hrs. and why he won't walk or eat and barely drinks. I'm worried and my mother's intuition thinks something is really wrong.

I see his doctor tomorrow for follow up. Hopefully they will figure something out.

How have you been?


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Hi Dayna,

There was a post from back in November of '05 about being sicker at home. I wasn't sure if we had the same problem with Chrissy or not. It might be worth it for you to have the air tested in your home. I would think it would be less expensive than moving, but I guess it would depend on the results.


Here's the link to the post....


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Sorry about your son. Hope he will be up and bouncing around as usual soon.:D

I would go to the allergist also. I did that years ago. Tested positive to many things, environmental etc., but there is a limit to what you can avoid outside of living in a bubble. :ph34r:

You might be surprised what it may show and there may be some other things you can to help reduce your sensitivity.

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Guest sonotech


Am not very familiar with the disease that your son has, but would be concerned if he isnt making the kind of progress that is expected, especially if you are concerned about your home environment.

Trust your intuitions!

Do you live near power lines or chemical plants?

What does your husband think about this issue?

If it is a concern of BOTH of yours, and especially since both you AND your son aren't doing well, then who cares about the money aspect, just do what you have to do. Can you move in with friends or family for a month or so while you do some investigations on the home?

I would hate to compromise your families health for any longer than necessary.

I am not trying to push the issue about moving, just think you might need to take an aggressive approch. I know from talking to you before that we have similar family values and I dont think you are over reacting if this is a real concern or worry.

Keep me informed. Laura

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Hey Dayna..I hope everything turns out okay with your little guy and that they figure out the exacerbation of symptoms meanwhile I would look into the home thing and there may or may not be a connection..hopefully there is and you can get back to a better baseline.

I have heard of things like that too on my grandmothers street I think at least 6-10 people had cancer and one child died of leukemia all on the same street..

I was dicussing this with a natural herbal lady who happened to use to live on the street and now her mom has MS.

Sometimes I wonder..

At any rate I hope you get to the bottom of this and that you are okay..emotionally and physically :) you have so much to deal with right now..

Take care..Belinda

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Here is an exerpt from the link mentioned:

Background on the Love Canal


During the summer of 1978, the Love Canal first came to international attention. On August 7, 1978, United States President Jimmy Carter declared a federal emergency at the Love Canal, a former chemical landfill which became a 15-acre neighborhood of the City of Niagara Falls, New York.

The Love Canal became the first man-made disaster to receive such a designation based on a variety of environmental and health related studies. As a result of grass roots interest and media attention, the Love Canal provided an impetus for dramatic interest in and changes to environmental concerns worldwide.

History of the Love Canal: 1892 -1978

The Love Canal, a neighborhood in the southeast LaSalle district of the City of Niagara Falls, New York, takes its name from the failed plan of nineteenth century entrepreneur, William T. Love. Approximately four miles upstream of Niagara Falls, Love saw an ideal location to harness water to generate power to the burgeoning industries developing along the seven mile stretch of the River to the mouth of Lake Ontario. In 1892,the canal was his solution to provide ships a route to bypass the Falls.

A few years later Love's dream of the navigable waterway evaporated. A nationwide economic depression, loss of financial backing, and the invention of alternating electrical current forced Love to abandoned his project. Only one mile of the canal had been dug.

U.S. Geological Aerial Photographs taken in 1927 clearly show an open body of water sixty feet wide and three thousand feet long at the otherwise undeveloped edge of the City. The Love Canal remained as a recreational area for swimming and boating well into the early 20th century.

By 1920, Love's land was sold at public auction and quickly became a municipal and chemical disposal site. From 1942 through 1953, the Love Canal Landfill was used principally by Hooker Chemical, one of the many chemical plants located along the Niagara River. Nearly 21,000 tons (42 million pounds) of what would later be identified by independent scientists as "toxic chemicals" were dumped at the site.

In 1953, with the landfill at maximum capacity, Hooker filled the site with layers of dirt. As the post-war housing and baby boom spread to the southeast section of the City; the Niagara Falls Board of Education purchased the Love Canal land from Hooker Chemical for one dollar. Included in the deed transfer was a "warning" of the chemical wastes buried on the property and a disclaimer absolving Hooker of any further liability.

Single-family housing surrounded the Love Canal site. As the population grew, the 99th Street School was built directly on the former landfill. At the time, homeowners were not warned or provided information of potential hazards associated with locating close to the former landfill site.

According to residents who lived in the area, from the late 1950s through the early 1970s repeated complaints of odors and "substances" surfacing in their yards brought City officials to visit the neighborhood. The City assisted by covering the "substances" with dirt or clay, including those found on the playground at the 99th Street School. Faced with continuing complaints, the City, along with Niagara County hired Calspan Corporation as a consultant to investigate. A report was filed indicating presence of toxic chemical residue in the air and in the sump pumps of residents in living at the southern end of the canal. Also discovered were 50 gallons drums just below the surface of the canal cap and high levels of PCB's (polycholorinated biphenyls) in the storm sewer system. Remedial recommendations included covering the canal with a clay cap, sealing home sump pumps and a tile drainage system to control migration of wastes. No action was taken.

By 1978, the Love Canal neighborhood included approximately 800 private, single-family homes, 240 low-income apartments, and the 99th Street Elementary School - located near the center of the landfill. Two other schools, 93rd Street School and 95th Street School - were also considered to be part of this neighborhood comprised of working class families.

In April 1978, Michael Brown, a reporter for the Niagara Gazette newspaper, wrote a series of articles on hazardous waste problems in the Niagara Falls area, including the Love Canal dumpsite. In response to the articles, Love Canal residents once more began calling on City and County officials to investigate their complaints. By this time, many residents were beginning to question health risks and noting already existing inexplicable health problems.

At the same time, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) began collecting air and soil tests in basements and conducting health studies of the 239 families immediately surrounding the canal. On April 25, 1978, the New York State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Robert Whalen issued a determination of public health hazard existing in the Love Canal Community. He ordered the Niagara County Health Department to remove exposed chemicals from the site and install a protective fence around the area.

Once the report was public, Lois M. Gibbs, a resident and mother of two small children, canvassed the neighborhood to petition the closure of the 99th Street School where her son attended kindergarten.

Throughout the spring and summer of 1978, New York State Health Department, City of Niagara Falls and County of Niagara Falls officials, and Love Canal residents met to discuss the growing health hazard.

On August 2, 1978, the New York State Commissioner of Health, Robert M. Whalen, M.D. declared a medical State of Emergency at Love Canal and ordered the immediate closure of the 99th Street School. Immediate cleanup plans were initiated and recommendations to move were made for pregnant women and children under two who lived in the immediate surrounding area of the Love Canal.

The President of the United States Jimmy Carter declared the Love Canal area a federal emergency on August 7, 1978. This declaration would provide funds to permanently relocate the 239 families living in the first two rows of homes encircling the landfill. The remaining 10 block area of the Love Canal, including the home of Lois Gibbs, were not included in the declaration.


Last updated: 17 October 2001


This web site is supported in part by a 1998 Library Services and Technology Act grant awarded

to the Western New York Library Resources Council by the State Education Department of the University of the State of New York.

This site is maintained by the University Archives.

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Guest sonotech

There was a similar situation to the "love canal" ,but on a smaller scale, in a city nearby (in Texas). An entire subdivision was built on some sort of toxic landfill and no one knew until many babies were being born with birth defects, people were getting all sorts of cancer, etc.

About 10 years ago many residents began to abandon their homes and eventually the entire subdivision was leveled with all of the home being demolished and the land is completely blocked off where no one can get near it.

It was sooo strange seeing all of those abandoned homes.

I think the subdivision development company was sued by many homeowners since there was proof that the developers KNEW before selling the lots!!! People will do ANYTHING for a "quick buck"!

Dayna, of course we aren't implying that something THIS severe is going on, it just means that even if your HOME is safe, the environment may NOT BE.

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