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Hi All! Need Feedback-pots Doc..michigan/detroit Area


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hi all...my first post..and even had trouble figuring out how to dang do it..oh my...lol!

would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone...regarding a Dr. Felix Rogers in Trenton, Michigan....who is on the forum's doctor list.

there are 2 others on list in Ann Arbor , Michigan....also......

Like all of us, I do not want to make even one more futile trip to a doctor....!!

Any other recommendations, for area surrounding Detroit....would be greatly appreciated also.

know many have been to Mayo and Cleveland clinic...and good docs there=feedback....much needed also

just don't want to go to mayo or CC....unless my last resort...due to having a sick husband...and 2 sick cats i'd have to leave..which i don't know is even feasible.

but need to get better to take care of them better!--you know the feelin'!!!!!

thanks in advance-so very much!


st. clair shores, michigan


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Hi Maggee,

Wanted to welcome you. Good luck finding a doctor. I personally haven't been to any on the list, but they are sopposed to be good. Hope you find what your looking for.


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First, make sure the doc on the physician list treats what you are seeking help for. There are abbreviations of the treated disorders next to most of the docs name. If they aren't there, call the clinic to see if they treat what you have (or think you have). We've had people go to the wrong type of doc because they didn't check those abbreviations or ask first.

I've seen Dr. Russell at U of M. My sister has seen Felix Rogers. Dr. Grubb focuses solely on dysautonomia and publishes much more work in the field than either of the two.


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I am also from ST. Clair Shores, MI. I was diagnosed in 1999 with ncs and pots by a really great dr. in our city but unfortunatley he moved to Iowa a year ago and I am in the same place as you are now and I don't like it. After being with him all that time and starting over was not easy. I just went to see another new cardio dr. today who said I was a complacated case and she hasn't even seen my records yet. Have the feeling I will be looking again. If you want to chat sometime my email is bobonalimb@aol.com my name is Roxanne. I do have a great neurologist around here I really like. Well sorry I could not be of help but thought what a small world to see our city up there so good luck hope all goes well.

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I live in Plymouth, Michigan. I have seen a couple of different electrophysiologists in this area and they do not have the expertise that Dr. Grubb has at the Medical University of Ohio in Toldeo, so I use him for my POTS doctor. His nurse practicioneer, Beverly, is very knowledgable also.

It is not a very long trip to see Dr. Grubb. You can go down I-75 or 23. I can get there from Plymouth in an hour. It is worth the trip.

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