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Compression Hose


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I also just got fitted for compression hose. Holy Crap are they tight. I feel like I look like an idiot when I walk because I can barely move.

So far I can only wear them for a few hours than I get real agitated because they feel so restrictive.

Did it take awhile to get used to them?

They are so hard to get on but just as hard to get off.

any suggestions on getting used to these?

I'm afraid it my husband sees me in them he'll think I'm so sexy and not be able to keep his hands to himself :)

Do you wear them everyday or just when your going to be active?

Mine go all the way up to my abdominals because that's the prescription my doctor wrote for me.

Let me know if you have any suggestions


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Hi Dayna,

It took me awhile to get used to those too!! Mine were super tight at first to, but they have actually loosened since I've been wearing them for so long (i don't really know if that's good or not...).

I wear mine everyday now, but I didn't used to have to. Right now I really notice the difference when I don't wear them. I don't know if my body has become dependent on them or what.

I have the stockings (just up to my knees). My thighs still get that "funny" feeling, so sometimes I wonder if I should wear the full hose. You should let us know how the hose are after awhile. Sorry I don't have any great suggestions!! :) Oh, and you're right.....they are just soooo sexy, right? haha.

Hope it all works out,


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They come in different compression "strengths". I find that the 20 to 30mmHg work nearly as well as the 30 to 40mmHg for me and are much more comfortable. The brand of Jobst is more comfortable than another brand that I had in the past. Jobst made the fabric more comfortable in recent years. I wear them when I am having a bad day and take them off at night.

Don't wash them in Woolite because it can breakdown the elastic. I did not learn that until years after I had been using Woolite!


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Hi Dayna,

You made me laugh with the comment about your husband. ;)

I wear my compression hose to work only and have to take them off the minute I get home. They can be annoying, but they really do help keep my blood pressure up.

Good luck!


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I got them after Mayoclinic suggested it for me a couple years ago. I live in Florida and found that wearing them only made me even more hot plus they are such a pain to put on, uncomfortable, and well not the most attractive things. They are now stuffed in a drawer.

I told my doctor at Mayo my feelings on them and it's actually in my medical records that, "Patient found compression stockings to be cosmetically unacceptable." I had to laugh when I read that.

I hear they really help people when flying so I might try them sometime. I hope they are helpful to you!

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hi Dayna,

i've been wearing them for years....and found the most comfortable are THIGH HIGHS by company named SIGIVARIUS. i really love them...and am miserable--if i don't put them on....

[ need doc prescription to get them ]

i wear 30-40 compression..and get the "short' length....even tho' i'm 5'4"....and they come to just short of the top of my thigh.

stay up great too!!

i wash mine in wash machine...and just always air dry.

i've tried all brands, styles...yada.....and these are a blessing...i wouldn't want to live without.

best regards, Dayna...


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Guest Belinda

Hi Dayna..tried calling you girl..you must be out showing of your SEXY stockings :ph34r: !!!Shame on you! Yes these will take some getting used to and you know on my really bad days i wear them..which seeme to be back ;) again..But I am glad your at least trying them..mine are white so they really stand out..

I was thinking how nice mine would look with Capris since they are in style and I have like four pairs..wouldn't they look COOL..

Oh and add the flip-flops!!

Take care girl..call me if you need to talk..Belinda

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