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okay...i don't have kids to show off so i have to brag about my cool "little" brother instead....

he's the athlete of the week on the syracuse website:


some of the answers to his questions show what a good catch he'll be one of these days :) he's not the run-of-the mill 21-year-old.

(and as an added bonus i even got mentioned in the first question. the race he's talking about in his answer was in the midst of waves & had to be called off b/c the shells (boats) were filling with too much water & thus starting to sink!)

his team is doing GREAT this season - undefeated so far & ranked 9th in the country:


i'm both proud of him and - admittedly - am living vicariously through him these days...

B) melissa

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That's really neat about your brothers' success!

Thanks for sharing,


p.s. I'm a proud sister as well...I have 2 brothers that I respect and adore.

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Awesome, Melissa! My daughter has been rowing for about 4 years now. Here's a link to a pic of her from the local paper about two years ago:


She loves the sport and will be heading off to Harvard this September and hopes to make a contribution on the crew team. I grew up watching the races on the Skukyll River in Philly when I visited relatives. Such a great sport.

I'm living through my daughter as well for now! Hope you feel better soon. You should be very proud.


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I was reading some of the old posts in the Chit-Chat section and came across this post on your brother. You should have every right to be proud, not only of his athletic ability, but also for the amazing individual he must be. I can seen by his answers that he seems bright, funny, spirtitual and a "Family Guy" himself.

He is exactly the type of young man I would love for my 21 yo old daughter to find!! He would def. fit her interests, too bad he wasn't closer-LOL

He will make a fine catch indeed.

What a wonderful family you have from what I have seen in photos and postings.


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Wow, another 21 year old who likes Garth Brooks!!! YES!!! :)

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