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Persephone Returns To Oxford

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Hello everyone

Just a quick note to let you know I'm back in Oxford and had a really fab day yesterday. I am really excited- I didn't do anything amazing, just normal stuff by most peoples' standards but it gave me real hope that I can have a proper life here.

I got up really early, went to the Bodleian just after 9, then came back, made myself lunch, did work early pm, then went to the English faculty and History faculty to pick up a load of books I need. Then I had tea- I made it myself- no help from anyone- and went out to the pub at night for a drink with some friends from class.

These are all things I used to take for granted before pots. But I really feel it when I can't do these things. So to manage them all in one go yesterday was FABULOUS!

Of course, typically, today I had a crushing migraine and felt horrific. I looked like the wlaking dead too. I got so hypotensive I couldn't sit up for a few hours during my usual down time (4-7) but I now feel I have asecond wind.

I have decided that I will start as I mean to go on. I'm setting my alarm for 8am. And after I've showered and had breakfast, I'm going to ride my bike for half an hour round Oxford, to get some blood circulating and get moving. And prove to myself that I am better than I was before Easter.

Wish me luck!


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I say this out of love: you need to pace yourself dear! I've noticed that when you feel good, you go all the way and overdo it, then you go through days of torture in a POTS hole. I know how difficult it is to be young and cyclically sick. I have days where I know I could probably go to the mall without my chair, but I know I'd pay for it dearly over the next week.

I just know you've had such a rough semester health wise, I'm worried that now you're feeling a bit better, you're going to wear yourself out.

It's your choice, though. I hope if you do go for a bike ride tomorrow that it's exhilerating B)



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GOOD LUCK PERSEPHONE!!! We are rooting for you!!

Is this your last term for the year? how many years are you going to OXford?

Hang in there Girl!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

I'm so very glad that you had a good day!! they really are a major boost for us arent they good days where we feel normal and can do what we want!!

I'm happy for you!!

love and hugs


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I was so nice to hear things are going better. It's so great when we are able to get out woth friends. I will even take a crash to have a great day like that!

I hope all goes well for you. I wish you the best of luck! B)


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