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Sent Day In The Er


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I was resting to day when my husband calls today and says he is having chest pain, and can not breath. He tells me he on the way to the ER. I didn't know what to think. So I was off to the ER. It is 33 miles from our house, so I its not fun, everything seems to run thought your mine. The frist thing I thought was this is all my fault. My hisband is working two jobs, to pay the bills now that I can no longer work. I keep thinking if I was working this wouldn't be happening......

Well I get to the ER and I got in my wheelchair and wheel in. I get back to my husband, and they had already done the EKG, and bloodwork. My husband says to me how do you handle this oxygen in nose all the time. I say you get use to the. The doctor says to me whats wroung with you I say well I have POTS, NSC, and a pacemaker....... The doctor says what? we talked for a few mins. but he had no idea. He seem to be very rude.

Anyways, they come back and tell my husband that nothing seems to be wroung, and all the test are fine. They gave him some pain meds thought his IV, and then let him go. We are now back home, and he feel worse then before. I feel so bad for him, and he is so mad that they didn't take the time to see if there was anthing else going on. ( I think he get to see what we go thought most of the time with doctors)

We made an appointment for him to see our doctor in the am, but I still feel so bad there is nothing else I can do for him!

Why is it that ER don't take any time anymore to check to see what going on. All the did is give pain meds, and emd you on your way. (like don't you think theres a reason for the pain.)

Sorry for venting! Just needed to tell someone to feel better!


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Wow! That was frustrating and exhausting for you, not to mention stressful. Whenever a POTS sufferer has a loved one in the ER, there are always two patients!!

I'm sorry your husband was treated so casually, chest pain is never a light matter. I hope the doctor, tomorrow, can offer some insight, and that he feels better, soon. Though your husband got to see things from your point of view, I don't recommend this route to have a teachable moment. :)

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Hi, I'm not sure what age your husband is or his health history but keep an eye on it and if he gets worse call 911 next time. My mom in law, had a heart attack and when first symptoms showed up, the blood tests and EKG were all fine and she was sent home. about 18 hours later, she developed worse pain and continued symptoms and we went back again and then the tests all showed that she indeed had a heart attack. Not to scare you but this goes to show you that sometimes at first the tests may not reveal a problem yet but that doesn't mean that there is no problem there. I'm glad your seeing your regular physician in the am so maybe he/she can retest the blood levels to be sure if he is having continued symptoms.

good luck and best wishes.

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Thanks for the input. That what is so odd the gave him aspirin already. He woake up already about 30 mins ago with sob, and chest pain again, he wants to wait tell his appointment in the am, but I am going to wacth him close as I am worried. He is 32, but works hard, very stressed due to the fact I am no longer working, and over weight, smokes....... so thats why I am alittle worried, plus he is adopted so we know nothing about his family history.

Why is it that being stressed out, and changing what goings on seems to make your POTS so much worse. I didn't get my nap today, and then could sleep right away, and then I just woke up alittle bit ago, and am pale white, and my b/p is bottom up. I know it will come back around, but wow it seems you do anythin different and thing get worse.

Talk to you all later!


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Sorry about your hubby. I hope everything goes well. My hubby had something similiar years ago and it wound up being pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac around the heart. That can happen from a virus. It clears up on its own with advil to help the inflammation. Not saying that he has that, but just to show you that though it may present with the same symptoms it may not be a heart attack at all.

I hope all goes well this a.m. with his Dr. :)

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