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Finally Got A Dx

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So I went to an electrophysiologist this morning, and was very nervous because of all my previously "bad" experiences with specialists. He was great!! He looked over all my stuff and test results, and said I don't need more testing done, I have orthostatic hypotension, and when I asked him about POTS he said yes, he was pretty sure that was it. He said different doctors definitions vary of what POTS is, but he said he was more concerned with proper individualized treatment than doing a new set of tests. So I start on Floronef tomorrow, and he said we may need to add more stuff, but to see how I do on it for the next month.

I am so relieved...I know there is no magic pill or cure, but just to talk with a doctor who believed me and understood what was going on was great. He also said I can email him any time, which no other doctor has done.

Anyways...thought I'd post a happy update :(

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Thats absolutely wonderful! I know what a joy it is finding a doctor that understands your condition and is able to help treat you.

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