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Major Potsy Crash

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hi folks

I'm whinning again!

I'm wondring if a cold or something si brewing b/c I feel horrible.. since like mon-tuesday I have not been able to get up and out of bed.. and that sleepiness that I posted about earlier-- is unbelievably uh sleepiniess!!!!!!!

I am having major nausea.. and have like totally lost my appatite... my vision si supper blury and unfocused.. you know the usuakl only times it by 1000!.. i am constantly feeling like I am moving and I'm not moving.. and I feel like a major blob of jello.. I am constantly feeling like I am going to meet the almighty himself.. as I just am really really struggling... i cant thing straight..

I'm reclined in my wheelchair right now. and it feels like ti is rocking back and forth like I'm going to tip over in it at any moment.. motion sickness is more like it..

any idea's of how to make it stop??

I've tried taking half my dose of BB's thinking that that might help with the OI stuff. and it doesnt.. it makes me feel worse..and sets off my tachycardia to get worse..

GRRRRRRRRRRR :) this potsy stuff is really starting to make me feel mad!!!

helLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does it ever freaking stop!.. ugh the potsy headach i think has to be the worst of it all.. the pressure.. is crudsdy.. and it makes my neck and the upper part of my bod feel like its giong to just drop.. like I have nothing in me to support my body..

a very BLAH feeling girl

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Wish I could say more than sorry you are feeling so bad. On top of the rush,rush of moving and now maybe coming down with something...blah. :) Maybe some virus that is also affecting inner ear..hence the rocking/moving feeling?

Keep getting the rest and fluids. Two things you do already do with POTS but need to do with a virus too.

Hugs to you and hope this passes soon.

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Guest Julia59

I'm so sorry you have to keep going through this-----------------------it's making me mad to see you so sick---this is not fair.............. :)

I wish I could take all this suffering away from you----you deserve a permanant break from this mess. But I must say you do not seem to have much a a break between these spells if any.

I really want to see you feel better---enough is enough. I'm thinking of that movie---"Napolean Dynamite"----and that nurdy guy who was always saying "gosh" every time something dissapointing happened. I think your situation is beyond "gosh".

I'm sending HUGS and prayers your way-------------->---HUGS HUGS HUGS

Maybe try some ice on your neck, and the back of your head----heck, it can't hurt.

Try and hang in there.........

Julie :0)

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Yup I got an IV on thursday.. and i crashed badly afterwards.. i started surging during my infusion.. and have felt badly since then.. or more badly I should say..

Ironically-- my Bp did go up it went from like 100/60 to 125/87... and I think it spiked.. as that is when I started to feel badly... and I dont think my body isused to my BP being "NORMAL"... its used to being between 60-100/43-60!! big difference..

weird thing is the IV's normally help so I dont know what the deal was thrusday..

I'm stumped!--I'm going in for an other IV on this coming thursday.. before the holiday weekend.... I also am moving this weekend--oh my!

thanks for the suport ladies!

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How long have you been on the lyrica. I took one dose of that one time and felt like in a drunken stupor till next afternoon. Just a thought. Feel better you poor thing. I had an awful stomach like virus that lasted 5 days and I never puked but felt nauseous and crampy and just wanted to sleep and could barely eat. I thought it was just another one of my epidsodes but then my daughter got it to a lesser degree.

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I'm starting Lyrica tomorrow.. as my b/f is home most of the week.. and I will feel safer taking it knowing that somebody will be here with me in the event that i get an allergic reaction..

as i tend to have delayed allergic reactions sometimes..

then i have severe allergic reactions.. UGH

So tomorrow I will start taking it.. and hopefully it will help me not hurt me!! I'm starting on alow dose.. 25 mg twice a day

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Was there too last wek. It seemed that the contents of any closet I opened fell on my head. I was post-strep infection. Plus the heat can't be helping. Gotta love the feeling of not being able to focus your eyes. Anyone else wonder if other people can notice when we can't focus our eyes???

are you feeling any better yet?


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