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Would You Get A Second Opinion?

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I'm just looking for your opinions. I see a neurologist who specializes in Autonomic Neuropathy but was looking at the physician's list on the home page and an Electrophysiologist named Dr. Cooley was listed. Since I'm not getting any better.............actually worse I wonder if I should see what he has to say. Maybe he has a treatment my neurologist doesn't have.

My neurologist is awesome and works directly with Mayo clinic so she's very knowledgeable. Is it worth going through my whole history with someone else?

My insurance covers dr. Cooley that's why I'm considering it. Can an Electrophysiologist do anything different than a neurologist?


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Hi Dayna,

I'm not sure if the Electrophysiologist will do anything different than a neurologist, but Chrissy has seen both, and I like to get as many opinions as possible. Even if the Dr.'s agree on your treatmen, to me it's more of a peace of mind to know that we're going in the right direction.

Chrissy has seen so many specialists over the last few years, and I really can't say that I'm sorry we went to any of them. Even if we didn't care for them, there was probably a little bit of information we got from them to add to our 'notebook of knowledge' about POTS.

If your ins. covers it, in my opinion, I'd go for it.


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I see a EP doctor, but I also have a pacemaker. I agree, if you are not feeling better I would get a 2nd opionion. One thing I know that has helped me was on my 3rd optionion at Cleveland when they looked at all my medical records and they did there test, it was alot easier for them to find the problem with everything. (I think somtimes things get missed, and with another head looking at things they mind find somthing the other doctor is missing.

I wish you the best of luck!


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You're lucky that you have a good POTS doctor. I have seen a few doctors that are listed on the different dysautonomia websites. Not to be a downer, but most of them really did not know as much about POTS as I hoped, and a couple of the appoinments were actually very upsetting. The doctors told me I was fine now, to go off my meds. etc. After 2 years of this, my good old cardiologist, who doesn't know much about POTS, has been the best person for me. At he least believes I have POTS and need to be on my medication.

Even then, I can understand why you want a second opinion, because, until I am cured I am sure I will keep trying these different doctors on and off, whenever I have the energy. I think there is nothing to lose, as long as you are prepared that the new doctor might not able to help.

Good luck,


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I know its tough to do, but I feel its important to never stop looking for answers....

What one Dr misses, another picks up right away...

Thats been my experience for years since I have been dealing with Lyme and POTS issues....

I still seek out as many opinions as I can from all areas medically and holistically, and I know I will probably never be done finding out new info/things

You may get a bunch of strikes but when you hit on that one bulleye it is worth it all......

From doing this I have finally been able to assemble a good team of Dr's who I feel have my best interest, but I am still seeking opinions even having them now.

You are your best advocate and deserve the best health care and to feel everything is being explored so If you can manage to look at other options I think its a good idea.

I hope you feel better and can get some answers soon! B)

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