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Able To Sleep Again-halelujia...

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All the stars must have been aligned perfectly last night, because I tried a bunch of the tips you all gave and managed to get full night's sleep! I think the combo of a bath just before bed, dropping the heat an extra few degrees helped me to fall asleep at a decent hour. Getting out of bed...well, that's another story!!! ;)

Now if I could just shake this darned infection. I stopped the steroids on Sunday because...well... you all lived with me through my maniacal moments, so I know I don't need to explain further. Also, I'm all puffed up now--on a good note, my bp is lovely. I only have 2 days of antibiotics left--and I can't say I'm much better than last week. My lungs sound nasty and gurgly...or as Teri said when listening to them tonight "harmonicas". I nebulized with the big mamajama nebulizer and will bring it with me to work tomorrow.

I'll be ding danged if I spend my week off next week feeling miserable with this. I know others have mentioned it, but the aftermath of the recent round of the flu is tenacious! This all started almost 3 weeks ago now with a stomach bug. I need to shake this before I fly on Friday. I did buy trip insurance for the first time in YEARS, but I sure hope not to use it.

Off to bed, and thankful that I'm probably going to sleep tonight. Many thanks to you all for the help you offered. And to those who are up late reading and need sleep, may those Zzzzs find you soon.


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I am happy for you that you are able to sleep again! :) I hope that all the stars line up again and even the moon tonight! ;) I hope you are feeling better soon!


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ALLRIGHT!!! the sand man droped by your house too and doused you with some sleepy sand!! YEAH!!

I know thats all i've been doing for a few weeks is sleeping!! SLEEP GOOD!!! Insomnia+Pain+flu=====BAD!!

i'm so glad that you are sleeping decent!! sweet dreams Nina!!


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Hope you get a much needed goodnight's sleep! ;)

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I'm hoping to be able to go on vacation too! I'm supposed to leave this Friday in the wee hours of the morning. Right now, I'm still pretty ill. My right lung is just so junky and I'm pretty sure I cracked a rib coughing--again--seems to happen once a year and I thought I skated through Winter without it this year, but alas, I was wrong. Maybe my good sleep will make me feel miraculously better, and QUICK :D

Also, I can't remember which one of you suggest theanine, but I picked some up and will try it tonight. I'm hoping it will help counteract the albuterol I've got coursing through me from nebulizing.

Mexico...I hear you calling me... :) Friday... happy Friday... healthy Friday... yeah yeah... :)

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Guest Julia59

Have a happy happy trip Nina!

Glad you were able to sleep----nothing worse then not being able to get sleep to recover from some of this junk we go through..................... :D

Looks like I don't have allergies. My nose it finally starting to dry up, but now I have rawness/sores inside both nostrils---------yuk.....

My right rib cage felt like a load of bricks were in it, but it was clear on the x-ray. I'm still coughing up stuff, but not nearly as bad. I think I had a very nasty virus----upper respiratory infection. some people have had it last several weeks---even people who were otherwise healthy.

I'll bet all that coughing hurts the you know what out of your neck and upper back------ :)

Take care,

Julie :0)

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Okay, spoke too soon. I'm awake...

on a good note, my chest doesn't hurt as much tonight. I'll take that as my little miracle for the evening.

:) Nina

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