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Gastric Emptying Scan

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Hi folks I am scheduled to have a gastric emoptying scan next tuesday morning.. I was just wondering what exactly is involved in this test.. I do know that you have to eat radioactive eggs.. :huh::):o:( EEEWWWWWWWWWWW! i hear that t there is no taste to them.. but it still kinda grosses me out!! YUCK!

any input would be appreciated!!

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You eat either radioactive scrambled eggs or a sandwich and then lie under an xray type machine for an hour. Take a nap, whatever. Sometimes if your stomach doesn't empty they give you a shot of reglan to see if that helps and sometimes not. It's got to be one of the easiest tests there is, so don't be nervous. And you don't taste anything but the egg. Take a book or something. It's more boring than anything. morgan

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Well I had two tests. The first one was with the eggs. The tasted fine. I layed under the machine just like Morgan posted.

The second one was longer and I had to eat beef stew with liver in it. YUCK!!! and it was timed so I had to quickly get it down. It was so gross. who eats stew with liver at 8:00 am. Anyways for that test I stood for a few minutes and they would take a picture. Than every 10 minutes I'd have to stand again.

But overall the test was easy and non invasive.

Good luck I hope you get some answers


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Guest Julia59

You know how I love testing---NOT........

Mine was so easy---I had a nice conversation with the radiologist guy---he was really nice.

I talked to him about dysautonomia------EDUCATION---and he bit on, so I kept pulling...........he, he, he.

The eggs taste like eggs---I was allowed to put salt and pepper on mine. Although I am not a big egg eater----very rarely----I can tolerate scrambled. I stood in front of the machine every 15 minutes for a couple minutes, and in between scans I was allowed to sit. Nothing to it at all.

Mine came out negative-----------------my stomach empties fine. My bowels---well they just don't... :)

You'll be fine---I hope your feeling pretty good the day of your test. It's just makes things easier if your feeling halfway decent.

Julie :0)

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hi folks thanks for the info!!

i am not worried about the test I was just wondering how it went.. as if i have to stand i'm thinking mmmm.. not a good idea!!

think they will let me put hot sauce on my eggs?? :(:D:P:):D:) I"M KIDDING!!! lol

Not that i want there to be things wrong.. but I hope that they can get to the root of my GI troubles soon..b/c i am feeling way green!!

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