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Going To See A Urologist

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My primary doc wants me to see a urologist because everytime I do a urine specimen or urinalysis they see blood. I guess it's enough for them to be concerned about. I'm nervous because I can't handle anymore dx. I never saw blood in my urine so it's only visible under the scope.

My doctor said we better check it out to rule out anything major. She specifically said "with you, I'm sure it's something major". How insulting. I hate her but don't have the energy to find anyone new right now.

I have been healthy for 27yr and now she makes me sound like a hypochondria, which I'm not. I actually never see her. I avoid her if at all possible.

Anyways anyone else have blood in their urine?


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I have never experienced blood in my urine, but I wanted to send you some encouragement as you go through yet another hardship. And possible dx. May the doctors have some answers for you and be understanding to your condition.

In my thoughts and prayers,


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I'm sorry that you are going through this. As soon as you're up for it, I would get a doc recommendation from someone you trust, and CHANGE DOCTORS!! You don't need that kind of stress and humiliation. You need compassion and a caring spirit.

Meanwhile, sometimes blood will get in urine samples from a few blood cells left on our "privates" from our periods. Sometimes it is from a bladder infection. Maybe it will turn out to be nothing important.

Personally, sometimes I HOPE my tests turn up something "major". then at least there will be something to treat and something the doctors will be more respectful of. Weird, I know.

Keep us posted!

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Often I will have a small amount of blood show on a urinalysis. This has been the case with me for many years. Several years ago I saw an urologist and had it checked out. They could find nothing wrong, but still the symptom persists and the doctor does not get excited about it. Just get it checked out and then you won't have to worry anymore.

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Guest Mary from OH


I have had blood in my urine, both microscopic and gross occult blood. Try not to worry yet. A urologist will know the correct tests to do to rule out any problems. And if your dr is anything like mine, they just know that if there's the 1 in a million chance to get something really strange... I'll be the one to do it!! I never cease to amaze my dr. She just knows that I (my body) doesn't go "by the book" but she doesn't hold it against me; however, she does tend to joke about it! Perhaps that's what your dr meant, IDK?

Urinary problems often go along with Dysautonomia, so it's not a bad idea to get things checked out. Don't worry. OK?


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