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Going Down Fast

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Hi guys,

I have beeen way beyond my normal POTSY self. i can hardley fous my eyes, i am off balance and Im falling down a lot. The nausea is horrid, i dont want to eat. i just got up from a 40 hour sleeep, My hubby came an wokw m yo and gave me water, hw said i lookes all scrunched up likw in a siezure and i was snoring which I ususaly dont do

It hurts to hold my head up and typing is hard. my speech is horribley slured. Im going back to bed.



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I agree with the rest, any new symptom warrants a visit to the doctor...Also, try and stay hydrated...Hope your feeling better tomorrow!


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So sorry for this. Yes. please call your doctor if you have not and describe what you are experiencing. It may be "just" POTS flaring up, but if this is not a normal POTS experience for you, your doctor may want to see you.

As far as POTS--it is important, as you know, to stay hydrated, which is harder to do if you are sleeping a lot. Also, lying down for prolonged periods can exaccerbate symptoms further.

Take care and let us know how you are.


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I called the cardio who did the test and they said it was a normal reaction after the adenosine. They said rest for a few days. I am feeling a bit better but my brain is still foggy, my balance is very off, I keep running into walls, i am falling a lot.

It takes me a long time to type just one sentence. This is driving me nuts. i have a neuro appt next week

Hope you are all well


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hi janine,

i'm sorry that you're feeling so bad. i've been having the walking like drunk as well. i still can't walk straight but it is a bit better. i have the idea mestinon helped with that. i have a lot of nausea as well, drinking coffee (???) helps and eating a little bit. also, when i'm without my hose (can't remember the word, i mean an elastic hose, you know what i mean?) i get very nausea as well.

hope you will feel better soon,

corina :)

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