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Event Monitor Results

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I have only been on my event monitor (this time) for less than a week and already have transmitted daily. Every time I transmit they tell me to go to the hospital. I say call my cardio and he calls me back. Looks like Im running about every rythm known to man except for asystole.

My adenosine stress test was rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Still I have a bad feeling about that, just know its gonna make me sick. Im scared! My hubby will be out of town but my step dad is taking me.

Oh and another thing. My mom gave me a duragesic patch (pain med), I have percocet, vicodin etc... but cant take them, they make me puke. I tried the patch last night and woke up this morning with such relief it was amazing. I wasnt stoned or sleepy or nauseaus. I felt good. I couldnt believe it. No pain today either. I wonder if my doc with rx this for me.

Peace All


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Geez, i know how that is. No sooner did i get that thing on and would call in, they would tell me to head out to the hospital cause something was wrong. Obviously, i was fine, just my pots.

Hope all goes well with your tests! :D


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I've had a few rhythms show up on the event monitor also. Nothing that they told me to go to the e.r. with but all different types showed up. My cardio had told me to stay away from the e.r. unless he tells me to go. He feels they would give me things that I would not do well with because they don't know me. So, so far I have not had to go.

Hope you are feeling well. :D

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That's scary--but glad you can get some reassurance immediately from your cardiologist. I guess they really err on the side of caution with arrythmias during an event monitor episode.

Hope the test goes ok--I also find that getting anxious about a test can make it worse than it needs to be. Easier said than done.

BTW, what is dumping syndrome?

Take care, Katherine

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