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Just For A Laugh

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

Ahhh..so I feel terrible still but that seems common ground lately with alot of us.

Anyways..my parents cam e home from FLA. and amidst everything my father was like why is the thermomostat set at like 63...welll I eexplained that the heat kills me and what it does.

He was like nonsense and turned it back up to 71 UUUUGGGHHH..so for that last few nights I have woken up dripping sweat(night sweats) and this morning I woke up feeling pretty good...

WHY..because the furnance broke down...lol.

It was so nice I can't tell you...but the dumb fixit men came and fixed it this morning..RATS!!!!!

I told Dad my prqyers were answered and if he didn't keep the heat down I would wish it to be broke again...

I think I am going to just start living outside...LOL!

And I am even more overheated because of my darned period!!!


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LOL LOL!! :):D:) BElinda!! girl you are too funny!!.. I know your house is way too hot! whn i was there.. and you kept knocking the thermostat down.. WHEWWWWWWWW__EEEEEEEEEEE-!!!.. I really hope that you parents dont force you to live in the basement t his summer!! LOL.. if all else fails come to my house.. you canbe sue the AC will be running full blast.. and that there will be ice forming around the door frames.. there were last summer!! hahaha!

hehehehe.. last summer i ran the AC full blast night and day cause I couldnt get "regulated" and vince would tell me that he had to keep a snow shovel outside my bedroom door b/c i twas so cold that it could ahve been snowing in there" too funny!!

so if i see you flaoting along lake erie in a floaty thing i'll know why!! and I'll wave and toss you some gatorade and food!! hahah kidding!! OMG!! I'm loosing it!

hopefully grubb will talk some sense into some peeps for ya!! and you wont have the battle of the thermostate anymore!!.. w have them hear and I always win!! I'm so spoiled!

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Does it really feel that much better to have it cooler?

Maybe that's been my problem. lol

I live in the desert and I don't think it's hot in my home untill it hits 76-77.

Unless I'm doing house work. Then 74 is ok.

But then again, when you walk outside and it feels like an oven, anything would feel cooler then that.

Thanks for the laugh.


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My neighbors all think I'm totally nuts because our AC compressor outside is on from April to Novemember, and I live in the Northeast. Once the temps are above 70 during the day, I have the AC on. They all have their windows open and no AC until it hits at least 80! I'd be flat out on my floor somewhere waiting for someone to find me! Nina

Oh, nice... I just saw how I spelled NOV... good one!

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Guest Julia59

My AC will be on soon----I feel fortunate to have it. We will definately need to have it serviced to make sure it's running OK. We put it in when we bought the house in 1996----it will be 10 years in August. We had it serviced 2 years ago.

Nina---I remember your problem with AC last year-----nearly made you melt-------- ;)

Thanks to your post---things will be checked out this year to make sure I stay cool.

Belinda------my parents like their house warm too-----I melt when I go over there in the winter, and in the summer their AC isn't set low enough. They even have their pool heated........ugggggg

What is it with us---and the heat? They should investigate this further.

I can't take the cold either--- B).

Julie :0)

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It's so wierd, if the temp is over 71-73 I get very hypotensive, at 75 I have difficulty sitting up, and at 80 I'll pass out if I stand.

Needless to say, I keep the windows open in the winter and never let the temp of my apartment get over 70. I also take cold showers...I've fallen in the shower before (yes, right off my stool) when the water was too hot.

All my friends know to bring sweaters to my apartment...meanwhile I'm in shorts and a T-shirt with the windows open in Feburary! ( I actually enjoy being freezing cold...it lessens my symptoms soooo much).

If I got any more picky, I'm sure people would begin to think I was off my rocker ;)

- lauren

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