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Is Frequent Urination/pain A Symptom Of Pots For Some Of You?


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I hope this question is not to personal. I notice there are a few threads on IC (Intersistical Cystitis- however you spell it). I was wondering if alot of you have this dx or bladder pain or overactive bladder?

I get these episodes where for a day or two I'll have to urinate many times and feel like I have to go after I just went. I usually urinate alot but not this much. Then after I empty my bladder it will burn somewhere deep inside (assumming bladder). This makes me VERY VERY Agitated. I think that weird burning feeling is worse than any other symptom I have experienced since it makes me sooo agitated.

I have been to the doctor thinking it's a bladder infection or UTI and nothing except a small amount of blood in my urine everytime but they take it to the lab and it's always "nothing to worry about".

I want to know if this is a symptom of dysautonomia? I am deathly afraid of getting the IC dx because I read some horror stories about it and personally I can't handle any more stress so I haven't seen a urologist. From what I understand this is another illness that has no cure and very little treatment.

If any of you have these symptoms, what helps???????

Thanks for letting me have bathroom talk


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I also have the same symptoms, maybe I'll mention it to my doc next time I see him...


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hi..i think it says something about that in Dr Grubbs book and possibly the new paper out??


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Guest sonotech

I get the FREQUENT and URGENT urination part, but not the pain. I know there are some meds that can help with the burning sensation. Its meds that they give pts with bladder infections for the bladder pain (ex.Urelle) but is not an antibiotic and they work really well.

Maybe call and ask your doc to call you some med to the pharmacy??


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I went about 2 weeks ago and saw a urologist because I was having frequent urination, it was burning when I was able to go and I felt like I had to go and I couldn't seconds after I had just went. It felt like I had a urinary tract infection. The urologist told me that since my GI doc told me I have "an element of irritable bowel syndrome" that it's all related. Food sits in my bowel and then it all of the sudden starts cramping and that's usually when I have the bladder issues. My bladder kind of spasms and makes me feel like I have to go when I don't. He told me to do kegel exercises when I feel that way, and it really helps stop the spasms.

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