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This Morning I Tried Something New


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Hi everyone,

I woke up about 3AM and my heart was beating so hard it would have jumped out of my chest if the ribs didn't hold it back.

The only thing I did differently last night was eat a take-out salad which had a very, very salty dressing on it. I don't eat as much salt as I probably should so it tasted really strong.

So I got up and drank a couple of glasses of water. But I also took l-theanine which is supposed to increase GABA in the brain and also make relaxing alpha waves. In about 30 minutes my heart was slowing down and also beating less strong (and it usually gets faster when I get up). So I drank more and took magnesium and it slowed down more.

Now I am back to my usual morning stuff, but the major palpitations have eased. I wanted some links to share before posting this and I came across a supplement product with l-theanine which is supposed to increase cortisol and decrease norepinephrine. I hope it is OK to provide the link without it seeming like an endorsement. What I took was straight l-theanine, available at health food stores.


I know the water helped me, too, but it has never done as much as this.


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Hey, I'm glad your symptoms subsided!!!

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I'm so glad you found something that helps! Yea! \(^o^)/

FWIW salad dressings have MSG, and that will bring on tachy for me, and this excitatory response is counteracted with GABA enhancing products. One thing I do with 'bought' dressing is get it on the side and only dip the tips of my fork in it before stabbing some salad, this reduces my exposure.

http://www.ctds.info/mvp1.html#mitral_magnesium This site taught me that magnesium would quiet the heart. If I'm having heart hops a couple of sprays will settle it down (and also give me reflux :angry:). I try to do sublingual because my stomach is, shall we say, touchy.

I got my spray magnesium from www.mag-i-cal.com/magnesium.htm.

Keep researching and testing things!

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