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Good News!


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Guess what? I finall got a wheel chair. I am so happy. My mom, dad, aunt, and uncle, got it for me. It is so nice. I was so happy yesterday, i put my oxygen on, and got in my wheel chair and my aunt and me, and my son, and her grandson, went on a trail. They all walk and I wheeled? ( not sure what to call it). I saw 9 deer, and lots of wild life. I forgot how nice it is to be out. I am happy I wil have more of a life now that I will be able to get out more.

Thought I would share my good news with you all! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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Congrats Amy! I got my power chair yesterday, but I am struggling. I know many people don't understand the very mixed feelings I have about this, but I can't help it. My hubs says we will go to a store when it is evening and not busy. I haven't been able to go public with it.

I've sort of gotten used to the stares and stuff with my little portable one, so this one shouldn't be different, but it just is. The first time we used my little hot rod, as I call it, my husband said we were going where no one would ever know us, and we hadn't even gotten out of the car and I saw an old friend from work! Geez...

It is also heavy and cumbersome for Dave to take apart and put together and that makes me feel bad. His back bothers him.

I will let you know when I get over this twit and how it goes.

I am really happy for you and it sounds like you live in a wonderful area to be scooting around!!! morgan

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Congrats!!!! I am glad you got to get out ...


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YIPPEE to Amy and Morgan!

I know I had alot of mixed feelings too when I fisrt got my power chair.. relief-fear.. having to accept that i really did indeed need it.. you know the whole nutshell.. I have not been able to use it out side of the house yet--but will be soon..

I'm happy for you both!! happy wheeling!! I think that we need to invent or design some potsy bumper sticker or little license plates for these things!..lol.. :angry:

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