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My Legs Are Getting Worst


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My legs are getting worst and worst. They are dying from the hips downwards when I sleep. The pain caused by these results in me waking up at nighttime. I walk around my room and force my legs to wake up and then I go back to sleep again. This happened 5 times last night. I am also experiencing muscle cramp. The pain however is still intense and like last night has a stayed with me for the rest of the day. I saw my Cardiologist and he says it is because my veins don?t constrict due to pots, the swelling of pregnancy and the pressure that she is applying to my body at nighttime. Plus my sympathetic nervous system is over stimulated resulting in the pain I am experiencing. As usual no tablets, no cure for us. I sleep with my legs raised (two pillow?s) plus I take magnesium for the cramps. Nothing is working. I sleep on my right side. My cardiologist does not want to prescribe pain tablets as he feels it will not solve the problem. I can?t bear the thought of another 9 weeks like this. I just pray that this is pregnancy induced and not a new hobby my body has found to do.

Any advice please, I am almost scared to go to sleep at nighttime due to the pain. I don?t know what to do and the pain is intense. All I can think of is my baby and how important these last few days are for her. Goodness knows how I am going to get through them. She however is more important and I need to fight this. O, Boy! :lol:

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Ling, I'm so sorry you are struggling with this pain. I'm happy to hear you are not sleeping on your back as that isn't good at this point. (BTW, don't labor straight on your back, either, be up on pillows.)

There is nothing so miserable as not being able to sleep when you need it! Perhaps you could try to sleep on the left side or on your stomach with pillows? I've seen in a catalog somewhere, a large pillow with a hole in it designed to help a pregnant woman sleep on her stomach. This isn't it, but may work: www.naturalstuff.com.au/site/839174/product/FFBB

A pregnant mom being in constant pain is stressful for the baby too. Is Tylenol used at all in pregnancy? Just to help with sleep? What about chiropractic, to ease the press on the nerves?

I sincerely hope you find relief. Building a baby is hard work, but you're doing it!

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I had major problems with cramps in my legs while I slept........ I would cry my eyes out it was so painful.

I'm so sorry your dealing with this kind of pain. Have you tried bananas? They helped me.

I also was told to lay on my right side for the best blood flow. Deep breaths can be helpful too.( I tend to hold my breath while in pain), but deep breathing helps.

Good luck and hang in there.


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When I was pregnant I had problems with pain too...in legs but mosty my hips.We had a bathtub/shower, so I would turn on the shower on hot/real warm and then open the window. I would lie down in the bathtub but not let it fill. That let the hot water relax whatever parts of me needed it....but would not get me all potsy.

I also had one of those big recliner chairs and I slept in that sometimes.

I also put extra padding on my bed and that helped...

Hope you find something to make your nights tolerable...

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I am sorry to hear of your pain, pregnancy is very challenging, especially at the end. I used to go crazy the last 10 weeks. I had lots of leg pain and did not know how to treat it. I would suggest a massage also. Would support hose help? Are you allowed anything homeopathic? I took drops to help with labour that were fantastic, so maybe there is something for your legs.

It will all be worth it and your baby will be lucky to have a mum so committed.

Hang in there! :)

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A massage would be nice as long as you get the o.k. It just may be that it is all baby causing the problem. If they lie a certain way the pressure can be unbearable,,puts pressure on the nerves, like constant sciatica.

I put tons of pillows under my knees just to try to get comfortable It worked quite often. :D

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So sorry to hear you're dealing with that much pain. I guess it's all to prepare you for the pain of labor! Just kidding; I don't mean to make light of what you're feeling. We have to find some humor in the unpleasant stuff, though, or we'll all go crazy.

I'd try to do some relaxation exercises and breathing techniques, or guided imagery to try and help you fall asleep and detract from the pain. There are many; you can look online or ask your doctor about them. I always was helped by a hot shower and soft music, too, plus I made my husband massage my sore spots every night for just a few minutes, and that helped a lot.

Just remember, not long now ... the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight.


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