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A smelly situation

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Boy this is an odd subject, but I thought it would be best to ask you guys! :)

I am having a problem with excessive sweating. I even wake up during the night numerous times covered in sweat. Along with this, I noticed a change in the odor. (i know, gross) But seriously, it's like I need to shower a few times to get rid of this. I have good hygiene, haven't changed any of my medications, and am really confused and am in need of some input.

Thank you all for ideas/suggestions?!?


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Are you taking an antidepressant? Some of them can give you serious night sweats. Ask the pharmacist if any of the drugs you are taking could cause the problem.

If the sweating is just from dysautonomia and you can't find any way to prevent it, ask your doctor about Drysol, which is available only by prescription.

If your feet sweat, you can get removable insoles for your shoes.

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Hi Nicole,

I also have the night sweats....just woke up and I was soooo hot and sweaty...YUCK, gross feeling!


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Are you taking potassium with your Florinef? I was told that it was important for me to do this. When I neglected to listen to the doctor's instructions I began to have a lot of hot flashes and to sweat a great deal. I began to take the potassium tablets and within a week the sweating and hot flashes were under control. I still have them but on a less regular basis.

Also, I'm told that it is important to take extra vitamin D and calcium as Florinef can deplete the bones of calcium - not good for those of us who are getting older and subject to getting osteoporosis....


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FYI, mestinon can also cause increased sweating as it is a cholergenic.

problems with sweating (too much or too little) can be part & parcel with dysautonomia though.

personally large portions of my body don't sweat or hardly sweat at all. yet the bit of me that does tries to make up for the parts that don't.

even when i was in a healthier spot than i am now i never sweated as much as my teammates when i ran cross-country in HS, did triathlons, etc...

B) melissa

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I don't seem to sweat at all, except at night! It's not uncommon for me to wake in pools of sweat. Ick! Then i get cold. In the summer I get so overheated but don't sweat, have to take cool showers to feel OK. But I've been told it's part of dyautonomia (I get hot and cold) and I'm probably perimenopausal at 35 b/c I have PCOS.

Dunno if that helps you. Sometimes diet or an environmental change can cause your body to smell different. Different foods smell different as your body metabolizes them.

The others have posted some good ideas....good luck and keep us posted!

Peace and light,


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