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I was on the radio...NPR's All Things Considered


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heya folks....

a few weeks back i was at Cleveland's Westside Market (first time there & an unplanned trip at that...) and was interviewed by NPR (National Public Radio)'s All Things Considered while buying some pierogi. it aired this past saturday. they were supposed to call me & let me know when it would be on which didn't happen but some friends/family just "happened" to hear me and the link is available online.

here's the link if you want to have a chuckle: http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rund...rgDate=4-Mar-06

it's toward the bottom under the "food" section and is called "Stuffing the Wild Pierogi"

my first radio gig. too bad it didn't come with a salary! maybe i should have gone into radio...no one can see that i'm in my wheelchair this time & ultimately they wouldn't know if i were flat on the ground!

B) melissa

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What exactly are those things?

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glad you all enjoyed it....and it was funny that i was interviewed considering how few & far between my "outings" are compared to the average joe. i can't remember the last time i've been to the grocery store?? :)

and to answer your question kristen, they were good....not as good as when i make them myself of course :) , but MUCH better than mrs.t's from the freezer! they had a lot of varieties that were NOT traditional polish flavors/fillings and i did try some of the ones that were a bit different but not the ones that were the most far out. my polish blood just wouldn't allow that B)

ah yes though....for those of you who asked, a pierogi is a traditional polish food (though there are similar variants in other eastern european locales). essentially it's a dumpling that looks a bit like a large ravioli but is dough on the outside with one of several fillings inside. the traditional fillings are potato/onion/cheese, saurkraut, sweet cheese, or fruit. i grew up eating mainly variants of the potato/onion/cheese type & occassionally sweet cheese. they're prepared by first boiling them and then either frying or sauteeing though you can also just keep boiling or baking them. usually with onions. and often served with sour cream &/or applesauce.

and here ends the polish cuisine lesson for the day....

:D melissa

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my mom and i listened together tonight and thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story (and you!)...

when i lived in the south nobody had a clue what a peirogi was, nor could i even find the frozen ones in the

store! oh well! (my roommate had never had a bagel either so i guess that tells you something! :)) i taught her quickly though and she taught me the ways of the south. B)


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