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Does weather affect you?


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Hi again,

I hope I am not asking too many questions, but I have a lot at the moment and you all know so much!

Does weather affect you? It seems like my tinnitus and lightheadedness are much worse when the barometer drops -- so much so that I now go to weather sites every day just to check it out. When the barometric pressure is high, that is when I feel the head pressure.

I don't know what it means, but I do know that oxygen density varies with atmospheric pressure. Perhaps low pressure with low oxygen density means the heart has to work that much harder and the brain is that much more deprived of oxygen (or CO2?) At high altitudes people with symptoms are said to have some degree of cerebral edema.

Anyway, if you have effects of weather, what are they?



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Hi, the cold bothers me, but not as bad as high heat and humidity. I can't stay anywhere for more than a half hour at the most unless there is an a/c available or there is a pool around. Heat is my #1 enemy for the POTS.


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Yes, weather affects me alot. So does altitude. I found once when my husband was driving me up over a pass that was over 8000 feet that I could not wake up. He would try to wake me and all I could say was "get me down, please" then I would go back out. yuck. Also traveling and landing somewhere with a different altitude has me off kilter or darn right sick for days.

I know cold /damp bothers me, so does any change in the barometer. Of course heat/humidity are awful too. I used to have a running competition w/ my science advisor in college. He had one of those fancy barometric watches...and I had my head and aches/pains. I could tell how far away it was and how bad it would be (summer thunderstorms in the midwest) as well, and sometimes better, than he could.

I have not figured out all the variables yet...but yea, it affects me.

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