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new activity--It is NOT POTS and it is NOT cancer.


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I started taking guitar lessons about 5 weeks ago. I have a guitar that I had when I was a teen. Back then I only learned how to strum chords, as I liked to sing. Now I can't sing at all due to POTS.

After all these years I have the guitar out again and am taking lessons which encompass classical techniques, chords, and strumming rhythms. It is extremely difficult--the fingers of each hand are labled differently--one has numbers and the other letters. So trying to read the music and see the notes and which finger of which hand is doing what and coordinate that with keeping rhythm is sometimes more that I can do. This is exactly why I am doing it.

If anything will exercise my brain, this is it!

It gets me out of the house one day a week, and I have to practice in between. Most importantly, it is NOT cancer. It is NOT POTS.

My teacher is a fantastic young musician and a talented teacher. It would take me years of study to ever be able to play like him. However, I am not going to even try. I am just going to lumber on the best I can and someday, I might actually make some real music!

On the other hand, I might quit any day. That is part of the charm of doing this, too. I have no idea if I can succeed or not or how long I will try. It is kind of like living in the moment.

Off to practice!

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i think your guitar ventures are AWESOME...as is your attitude about it & realizing the importance of the simple fact that it's not cancer or pots.

i have a guitar and can only play a handful of chords as when when i'm musically inclined i go for what i know rather than the new (i already play piano & cello). of course none of it has been touched in way too long now and i miss it so :blink:

keep on strummin along...

:blink: melissa

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YOu go Jan!!! I used to play a lot before arthritis and carpal tunnel took over and ruined that. I used to play for hours when I couldn't sleep.

Just remember, the fingers will hurt for awhile until the callous build up. I used to dip my finger tips in ice water and dry off to play and dull the pain.

You go girl!!!

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Thats great! My sister plays guitar and I have been thinking about trying it out. I have took up piano myself but boy is it hard just remembering chords, keys, and all that jazz. But I keep trying, I'm hoping it's helping stimulate my brain and keep it from going to mush. My vision has been kinda odd and I've stopped watching tv because of headaches.

Glad to hear you found something you enjoy. :)


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