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Has anyone had a spinal tap(lumbar puncture)?


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I was wondering if anyone had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to find the etiology of their illness?

I was reading that your spinal fluid will be able to show viruses and other type of illnesses. I have been told many times if they could find the underlying cause of my autonomic neuropathy this could help any furthur damage and the nerves could possibly regenerate.

My fear is that they will never find the cause and things will only worsen over time. Last year I only had stomach problems (had POTS but never felt the effects) now my orthostatics are bothering me and I no longer have the tolerance I had among many other complaints.

Anyways in the beginning of this illness they were going to do a spinal and we got so over loaded with all the tests we never talked about the spinal tap again.

Does anyone think this might be useful or anyone get answers by doing the spinal tap?

My illness hit me like a ton of bricks overnight -literally. I had a stomach virus that never went away but never had a fever or anything. I hold hopes that it could be post-viral because than my chances of recovery are better but I feel if I don't stop searching for an underlying illness than things could get worse and the nerve damage could get worse.

Another post sparked my thoughts of the cause again. I just feel like I'm giving up if I sit back and except that I can go to sleep happy and healthy and wake up sick as a dog.

I'm in a happier place emotionally (took me a whole year, but thanks to all the support here!!!) so I accept this I just don't want to give up on myself. Know what I mean? By stop searching I feel like I'm letting myself and family down.

Hoping for a healthier future (for all of us).


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dayna I hada spinal done On easter sunday of all days in 2002.. I had been sent to a larger hospital over 2 hours away in Buffalo NY. for an emergency neuro consult.. and considering the things that were going on (severe migraine--dehydration--) I had a BP of 195/145 and apulse soaring in the 200 range.. they felt a spinal was needed to check for menningitis and other things.. the spinal tap was negative.. i had the tap done before I knew i had pots..

anything is worth a shot if it will provide answers to you and ofer a possible treatment to make you feel better.

hang in there dayna!

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