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What do you do for depression when already on wellbutrin?

Guest Julia59

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Julie---I read your post before you removed it...but wasnt unable to reply at that time (was at the start of another syncope w/paralysis..so not cool)

Julie please call me if you want to talk.. i know things are rocky right now...call me at home allright!

HUGS to you Julie!


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Guest Julia59

Thanks Linda,

I'm OK----just worn out from the pain---it's making me crazy. And now i'm realizing the lack of support I have had is just making me heart sick. The forum has been great----it's some family members and friends, and I removed my post because I just thought it was too personal---and I didn't want to offend anyone with the long list is problems.

I have a lot going on---and it just feels like i'm spinning out of control emotionally and physically.

You have always shown support and I appreciate that a lot---and so have many others on this board, and some of you have never met me, but yet you reach out to support all of us during times like this.

Sometimes I feel like i'm sucking the life out of my husband, because besides him, you all are my main support.

The defination of support;

13 entries found for support.

sup?port ( P ) Pronunciation Key (s-p?rt, -prt)

tr.v. sup?port?ed, sup?port?ing, sup?ports

To bear the weight of, especially from below.

To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.

To be capable of bearing; withstand: ?His flaw'd heart... too weak the conflict to support? (Shakespeare).

To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief.

To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities.

To furnish corroborating evidence for: New facts supported her story.

To aid the cause, policy, or interests of: supported her in her election campaign.

To argue in favor of; advocate: supported lower taxes.

To endure; tolerate: ?At supper there was such a conflux of company that I could scarcely support the tumult? (Samuel Johnson).

To act in a secondary or subordinate role to (a leading performer).


The act of supporting.

The state of being supported.

One that supports.

Maintenance, as of a family, with the necessities of life.

Julie :0)

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wellbutrin is it's own class of antidepressant...there are others, so maybe if you talked with your doctor, you could find something that works better for you.


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Sorry you are in such a painful place...Just because you are on something for depression and it's not working, doesn't mean there are not lots of other options.

I hope some meds and counseling can help you with the feeling of being so overwhelmed.

Good luck.

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remember the endurance part like an athlete. You can't be a sissy and have pots, and you are very strong. I did not read your entry,but it has been a trying time here too. I just have moments when i feel like running away from it all. I take welbutrin and it has helped in two ways. some depression and some nmh. do call your dr and find another med for the depression. I suffered from that first and if you get down mentally its pretty hard to deal with anything. celexa, strattera, xanax etc. Please call the dr right away. then you'll be that much closer to a litle bit lighter load.:-)

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Hey Julie!

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling so much. I do hope you will call your Dr right away and ask about switching meds if you have been trying this one for more than 4-6 weeks. It can take several weeks to get in your system so if it's a new drug for you then try to hang on if you aren't having any side effects to it.

I apologize and do feel so badly about not calling you back. I wish I could offer more support to you right now. I have been very sick myself and in and out of hospitals, testing etc. I'm being told I need to go back to the Mayo in MN but I'm not in a position where I can do that right now. Anyhow, I truly am sorry if I've hurt you by not calling or emailing; it is NOTHING personal to you. It's only a matter of my barely hanging on myself and not having energy to reach out much.

I do think about you often and keep you in my prayers but I know that probably doesn't make you feel better in the moment.

Hang in there! I do care about you!!

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Guest Julia59

I have been on Wellbutrin for five years-----it helps with other POTS symptoms, but I was thinking about switching to something esle like celexa...............

Poohbear----I completely understand, and have never taken it personally, you have not hurt me at all. I am worried about YOU----when your up to it, let us know any news you find out....

I'm hoping the counseling will help. My counselor said we are bringing up things from my past---and that alone can open old wounds, and depress me further---- temporarily. Dr. Davis said the stress of it can flair up my POTS more. I do most of my talk therapy with Beth/therapist-----and Dr. Davis does relaxation therapy which is his field of expertise. This is all deeper then POTS---and my other health issues, and I hope that the therapy will lessen the load on my depression and POTS symptoms.

Things have been coming to a head for me---and I am realizing now that I had a complete loss of respect for myself----one should never lose that.

Julie :0)

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hi julie -

just wanted to send some (((hugs))) your way. i'm at my parents & we just had some goodies from Andersons for lunch so i thought of you (as i've heard you mention shopping there).

i know it's easier said than done but keep on hangin in there...

:) melissa

p.s. as others have said, definitely don't discount other meds just b/c you're already on wellbutrin; they act differently & what it good for one person isn't what's good for another. obviously it's something to handle with a doctor but i also know that wellbutrin can be used in conjunction with SSRIs for some....

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Right now my docs wont let me take anything for depression. So I know where you are coming from. I was on wellbutrin and cymbalta and they were helping, but my cardio took me off of them and said that I could not take anything. Some days I feel like I am going to lose my mind. Some days I wish that I could. My PCP put me on Xanax for the bad anxiety attacks, but it makes my autonomic problems worse so I only take it when I am having a bad attack.

I am one of the lucky ones, my family is there for me, very supportive and loving. I only have contact with my immediate family and my mother-in-law so I dont have to worry about siblings or anyone else.

I also feel isolated as all of my friends are too busy to even call me anymore, so I am alone a lot. Even though my daughter lives next door she also has a family to take care of. We have an intercom system if I need some help. I dont use it though.

Keep your head up, and the family that doesnt understand can just go sit on it. Let them try to live the way that we have to live and see how long they last.

Hope you start to feel better. Vanessa

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Hi Julia, I have tried Paxil and Celexa (Lexapro) and they didn't help me. My doctor thought with my POTS symptoms and the anxiety from it that I try Zoloft. It has been a God Send. But we are all different. Just wanted you to know that one helped me. I started off with a 25 mg pill and cut it in half - 12.5 mg (I'm sensitive to meds) and then worked my way up to a full 25 mg pill in a month. I feel so much more in control of my emotions and I know my husband is a happier camper as well!

Good luck and when the bad times come...just HOLD ON!

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Guest Belinda

Hi Julie..I just wanted to let youknow I was thining about you and can quite understand the depression part of dealing with this and a family on top of it.

I truly hope that you can find something/drug or someway that can help lift you out of the smog.

Feel free to e-mail me anytime if you need someone to chat with..I have recently found that just talking with others with POTS has made a signinficant change in my thinking about POTS..

I am here for you..and am sending big hugs your way!!


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Firtst Id like to say Im am sorry you are where you are. I noticed as your reply to the posts that you ae gaining a different perspective. I have been where you are.... I think it was 2 days ago.... One of those days where you just cant, no matter what it is, physicall, emotionally, taking a shower, eating ...... Thats usually when a crisis pops up, just to put ya over the edge. You are way stronger than you give yourself credit for!

I take wellbutrin for its effects on norepi, it is not an ssri. Freeing up neurotransmitters like norepi help nerve function. It also happens to be an antidepressant.

I take Lexapro, it frees up seritonin in the blood which helps nerve function and is an anti depressant.

If I go off the Lexapro I am a babbling idiot and go into a major brain fog. I get depressed quickly.

This combo may not be right for you. We all tolorate meds differently. If I were you I would try to add and SSRI and stay on the welbutrin if you are tolerating it. Lexapro is a milder for of celexa without a lot of side effects and it crosses the blood brain barrier which is a good thing. Zoloft is a milder anti depressant too. Maybe ther is a combo for you that will work.

I have been where you are now and Im sure I will be there again. We all manage to make it to tomorrow.



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