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Nausea RX's


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Hi, I am wondering how long some of you guys have had stomache probs. I have had bad pains and nausea for months, but my doc never gives me anything for it. Not that I esp want to take another RX but the over the counter stuff doesn't help. I also go through bottles of Mylanta, etc. within a week. I have had upper GI which was normal, but I feel soo sick most of the time. I see my Gastroenterologist in March, but before he only gave me stuff for my IBS that I didn't bother taking because it's side effects (tachy,etc.).

Just wondering how long you guys had been dealing with stomach probs before you got some meds/treatment.


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I was pretty lucky in that I had a doctor willing to help me with my nausea relatively quickly. I had bad nausea for probably 6 months before my doctor finally realized I needed some extra help. I was losing so much weight and constantly dehydrated, so he prescribed me Zofran. It has really been a huge blessing. I still have nausea to this day (worse at some times than at others), but the zofran has helped me deal with it for like the past 3 years. I would ask your doctor about some sort of anti nausea. It just has been such a relief to me when I have unrelenting nausea

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Prilosec OTC is what my GI doc suggested.

I noticed more arrhythmia while on it though. I take Zantac at bedtime which helps. When I'm really bad I have Zofran(it dissolves under your tongue. Very expensive though like $40.00 a pill.


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It might be worth a call to your GI docs office and request that they give you something for the nausea. I think most of the POTS patients take Zofran, very expensive but worth it! I also take Protonix for my stomach and it's been a life saver but I suffer from GERD.

Good luck & advocate strongly for yourself!


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