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New information for CFS


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I try to visit Chris Caulder's web page (Potsweb) as he is always posting new info, it was by far my favorite web page when first diagnosed with POTS! Today I went to it for the weblink to post here for someone and see that he has more new info.

So if any of you have CFS too, you'll love this


News: Lower Serum Zinc in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Relationship to Immune Dysfunction

News: More confirmation of CFS" "A chronic fatigue syndrome - related proteome in human cerebrospinal fluid."

News: New study confirms earlier research that gene expression is a way to test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CDC's earlier finding)

News: Research: Spinal Fluid Abnormalities in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I would love to thank Chris Caulder personally for this great website!

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Yes, I came across that article the other night, then my computer crashed and burned, and needed to be reformatted.

I lost many bookmarks and Chris site IS terrific....been changed many times over the years but still great. Thanks for posting it here.

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Guest CyberPixie

It was on my local news last 2 nights, they have found the cause for CFS. Bascially 16 faulty genes set off by a virus. They all regulate the immune system, 1 is underactive 15 are overactive.

It's Dr Jonathon Kerr (in London UK) who is the main man for the research. They have developed a blood test to diagnose CFS which should be available in a year. They are also trialling a drug already used for other illnesses (but they dont say which one) and this cure should be ready in a year.

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Gosh a test for CFS! I am excited and scared ... what happnes if that comes up negative TOO?! I always get so excited that they may find the cause and then i can know what to treat. I am sure i dont have to explain to all of you B) It just sounds really nutty to most people.

Thanks so much for posting that up briarrose!

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