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Newly diagnosed with POTS


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Hi everyone. I have been having medical problems for about 2 years now and after many tests and medications, the doctors now think that i have POTS. The doctors told me to drink a lot of fluid and salt, but did not give me any other guidence. I am concerned about eating too much salt b/c I know that it can be bad for you. Does anyone have any advice as to which types of foods i should eat and how often. I don't want to go overboard.

One last thing, does anyone that has POTS also have problems with balance from time to time?

I appreciate any advice as i want to try to control this without taking medication.



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Hi and welcome to the forum. My balance is very bad. The docs first thought I had ear problems since I failed the posturography test and my ENG test came out abnormal. However, I passed the rotational chair test, so who knows?!

My neuro tried to treat me with salt tablets and extra fluids (I drink extra fluids anyhow), but it didn't work for me. I am now on Florinef, which hasn't moved my BP at all.

As for how much fluids, etc. you should have I would check with your doctor.


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Welcome to the board! :blink: I would definitley review the link provided to you on "what helps" which offers a lot of advice. I might add that the best type of salt to use is Celtic Sea Salt. It is filled with trace minerals that your body needs, unlike processed table salt, which can actually deplete your body of minerals. I add this salt to a bottle of water and drink it each morning before I get out of bed.

You should also make sure your electrolytes are balanced by getting potassium, magnesium, etc. and you can do this by drinking an electryolyte fluid such as Gatorade.

Best wishes,


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