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The real reason hubs is in Florida


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I posted awhile back about my hubs going to Florida. I wanted it very badly and bought him a ticket so he would have to go.

The main reason is because he deserves to go. But also, he and some of his internet friends have been racing and building little sim racing cars for about 5 years and they just got a huge 4 year contract with NASCAR!

He's been down there and got to go in the pits and all over. He had free access so he could take pictures to help them develop tracks and cars and stuff.

This started as a hobby and remains a hobby, but is an absolute dream come true for him. He has called me about 10 times a day so I could hear roaring motors and stuff. (funny boy) but I have been bursting, because we couldn't tell anyone till it was officially announced on Friday. So see this really was important to him.

I have been so potsy because of the excitement and all the stuff going on, but it is so worth it! morgan :rolleyes:

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Aww Morgan, I am soo happy for your husband! Did he know the whole time what was going to happen?? He sounds like a great guy from what you have told us, so I am really excited for him. How long is he in Florida for?? Hopefully they are having some lovely weather down there, we aren't so lucky up here.

I see that you are from Washington, how far is that from Tacoma? I have a half brother who lives in Tacoma.


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hey that si very cool!! let us know what number he is an stuff like that!!.. my boyfreind watches the races.. and I watch them with him sometimes too!! that is way cool!!! veryy good news morgan!

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Well, I couldn't get fast reply to come up. He will be home today, or this evening anyway. He took over 1000 pictures and had a total blast. I talked on the phone to a guy from Scotland named Dave, same as hubs, and he had the most beautiful accent.

There is actually a shot of my hubs in the race. He was down at the pits and they got a camera shot of him.!

We are very excited and he is a very good man and deserves only good things. Thanks for your support on this...morgan

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Hiya Morgan!

Your hubby's a lucky man. I miss the racing business more than anything! The Grand Am Rolex cars will be coming to Virginia International Raceway in April. That's me racing there in my avatar (first race I ever won!). Can't wait to see more pix and get the game when it comes out. Been reading up on it on the web, but most of the sites are in German... where Grand Am racing is as popular as NASCAR! :)



Me and Ricky Rudd before everything turned to doo doo

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