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I was wondering if anyone else worked all day on computers and whether the neon lights of the office and the computer screen made u get dizzy or a headache???

My boss gave me this link for a thing called Irlen syndrome but its only happened since POTS came around - since then i cant handle neon lights, computer screens and things like that very well - hard ro focus and makes me dizzier than i already am...

anyone else relate?

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yep can totally relate!!

while I was in school..(working on medical transcrioption degree).. I had for obvious reasons hard to type in most all of my classes.. and I got t ot the point where I couldnt hadnle sitting at the computer for longer then about 15-20 minutes before my vision would start to go buggy.. I'd get to where i'd see alot of doubles.. and my vison would get very blurry and unfocused.. and the word would jumble..

it got to the point to where i'd do well on timed writing/speed typing then.. about 20 minutes into it..my speed writing would get to be all errors.. and i'd get majorly comfused on what I was reading.. and cincentration.. B):o:blink:B):) not goo dconsidering.. that that was the main point of a futre job typing!!

my teachers where very good about working with though...

Um I have not aofund much that helps w/ vision and the computer.. but I know that they make these screen things that you can put over the screen.. but it makes the screen darker..cutting dwon on the glare and such..

I did/do get dizzy..nausea..and headaches.. as well as muscle spasm in the neck and arms/hands..

just wanted you to know that you'r not alone on this one.. but I have never heard of Irlen syndrome. though..

hang in there

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yep and yep. I work 8 hrs a day more or less on a computer. I had to unscrew one of the two florescent tubes over my desk. I put paper over the whole thing to dull the effects of the other one. I tried unscrewing them both and just using a little desk lamp...but then it was so dark...and I am always so tired.... I had perpetual desires to just take a nap.

The computer drives me nuts too. And I am forever having aches and pains and neck and eye problems.

I tried getting new chairs, adjusting the height of my desk, computer angle etc. etc.

Basically I sit as reclined as I can get. keep my monitor up high so I have to look up to it a bit. (my eyes hit mid monitor) (looking down a lot tricks me out, dunno why).

I still have trouble though...

I make myself get up and take a walk once every 30-45 min

1) the longer I sit still the more problems I will have when I do get moving and

2) ergonomically you should get up once and hour and focus on something far away...it is better for your eyes.

The longer I sit up the more I have a headache and the staring foggies and etc. etc.

I just move around a lot and try to mix tasks.

Althouhg because of the way I sit, I am told, people do not think I am working.... But then I suppose neither are they if they have time to gossip about it.

also see http://dinet.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=4497&st=15

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Looking away from the computer every couple of minutes and focusing your eyes on a fixed object in the distance can help prevent eyestrain. Also of help are glare screens for computers. I used to have one that stuck over the computer screen with velcro attachments and it really helped.

I also think you are on the right track with somehow dulling the overhead lights.

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So do you guys think that this happened after pots and not before? For me i used to work long hours with no trouble other than a little eye strain and the occasional feeling of tiredness after long hours on the comp.

Now I find that it always makes me feel worse. If i use the comp in the morning my dizziness can tend to be worse because of it.

Also i find that if im feeling dizzy outside if i go into somewhere with neon lights i feel ten times worse.

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I can not sit in front of the computer for very long at all, or go to stores where there is flourescant lighting, I usually wear my shades inside, it helps some. Mine did not start until all of this illness started. Vanessa

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Flourescent lights are one of the worst things for me. The computer bothers me somedays worse than other days. I went into the store the other day and I was fine for about 5 min, then all of a sudden I began to feel dizzy, faint, etc. and I look up and of course.....there are the flourescent lights!

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