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dental question


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I've only heard of premedicating for MVP... I have had MVP diagnosed since I was 14.....

It is essential to premedicate for dental procedures if you have MVP...... If not, Bacteria can possibly collect on the Mitral Valve making those candidates for a valve replacement later in life...

Usually your GP or cardiologost will give a standing order for abx for your procedures...

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I do premedicate and think its very important. friend of the family ignored his drs advice on this and the autopsy came back it was bacteria from the cleaning that went to his heart. Made a beliver out of me as he didn't have any other health problems.

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I also was told I had MVP then was told I had a tiny, tiny bit of mitral regurgitation. So I premedicated for five years then stopped. I don't premedicate now. If the cardiologist who did your echo the second time was a good one, and is confident you don't have MVP, then I guess I wouldn't premedicate. If you are not sure, ask for one more echo.


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