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Most of the credit should go to Melissa, who put together the bulk of the text. More good stuff to come, I'm certain, but Melissa surely has given us a great base to start with.


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Yep, I agree....Melissa deserves most of the credit for this one. And, of course, she went and put her name last. Just goes to show what a great character she has.

Thanks for all your hard work, Melissa. It is very much appreciated. :D


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GO MELISSA! Go, Go Melissa! Go Melissa! GO GO MELISSA! :D

hey, i meant for those caps! you know, picture me here with my pom poms doing the cheer from my recliner! okay, okay, so penn state football season is over, but i've still got the cheer down! you get to pick the pom pom colors of your choice...blue, perhaps?

hoep you are getting some sleep with that cpap machine??? and, thanks for your work here...i know you have a lot on your plate as is...


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awww....now i'm blushing. it wasn't all me.....but em can i have some of the cheerleading directed toward my paper that i STILL haven't finished?? gggggrrrrrrrrrrr.

seriously, though, i'm glad that people think the added info is helpful & hope that it will be even more so for new folk.

fyi, there may be some tweaks/additions to the helpful hints as time goes by so while we'll alert you all to anything major it's not a bad idea to check them every so often as well.

B) melissa

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