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So today I got the results of my rotational chair testing and it was normal....The other tests taht came back abnormal could still indicate a problem, but does POTS cause disequilibrium? I know when I'm dizzy due to the POTS it could cause me to be unstable... :)

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Glad you even got through the rotational chair! Have they done ABR testing or an eng? Most of the people on here get dizzy, which is quite different from vertigo, so I'd say, off hand yea, imbalance is a large part of pots.

You could check with an ent if you haven't already for the more basic tests mentioned above, just to rule out inner ear disorders. Good luck...morgan

ENG= electronystygnagram and ABR rules out meneires. The eng would be looking for cochlear damamge. I'm sure the chair (it makes feel sick just think about it :D ) would rule out benign paroxymal positional vertigo.

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