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A little inspiring story...


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I just wanted to share this little story. Many of us have children and all of us have family members who are impacted by our illness. Mine has been three years nowand life around my home is totally different than it was before I was ill.

I was talking with my daughter who is almost 16 and a sophmore in High School. It's about this time in life that kids begin thinking about "what am I going to do with my life?". She had been thinking about it and just doesn't know what she wants to do. We talked about her strengths and her interests, about college and careers etc. Then she said to me, "Well, maybe, if you need it, I will be your caregiver and take care of you."

I was shocked. I guess I just figured that she'd feel a little like she couldn't wait to get out of the house and away from my physical struggles - not away from me, but just to live her own life. It meant so much to me that she would even say such a thing and think that it could be a fun and meanful thing to do out of high school!

Now, I sure hope I don't really need such a thing, but isn't it precious that she'd say it?


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Hi Roselover,

thanks for sharing this story. So many people walk out on us, but look at your daughter: she wants to give up her own life and career and be there for you! This really is something to cherish!!!

My 11 year old son, who has wanted to be a doctor all of his life (before I got ill 5 years ago), told me that he would try and find the right meds for me and all my POTSfriends. Although at times it is so very difficult to manage a family, it is soooo worth it!!!!!


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That is so sweet of your daughter! I am 17 and at the same stoge in my life. I had to ask myself those same questions, but instead of being a garegiver my my mom, I have to be a caregiver for myself. It's so wonderful to have someone who loves you willing to help out whenever you need it!!

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thanks for sharing that wonderful story with us. it made me cry B)

and i agree with others that your daughter wouldn't have the loving heart she obviously does without such a great mom.

B) melissa

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Thank you for sharing. You realize, my dear Roselover, that we are all mirrors? Your daughter mirrored back to you the beautiful love and kindness you have shown her and all others in your life.


P.S. Woooohooooooooooooooo, I finally was able to login after a week of Michelle and I trying to figure out why I couldn't log on!

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Corina, I really agree... It's sooooo nice to hear from you Emily!

Thank you everyone for your kinds words and encouragement of me. I hadn't even thought of this story in that way.

I have been so worried about what my illness was doing to my family emotionally. And there's been lots of talk in posts about how to help our children deal with this and how much it was going to hurt them. This little story just helped me see that our kids are able to grow and mature even in the midst of a sick mommy.

My daughter is a very nurturing personality, but she's lost a lot too with my illness. I think she could have become bitter, but instead she's adjusted and is applying her personality to what life holds for us. I hope some of you are right... that she's seen this in me and it's impacted her. I sure know I don't always handle my lows very well. But maybe even in my grieving she has seen something to emulate... I don't know.

Anyway, I hope this encourages all of you that your illness and lows don't necessarily impact others only in negative ways and that our children can come out of this being more loving compassionate people.

Love Roselover

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Your little blessing has grown up to be a BIG blessing and inspiration. Let her know that her words touched us all and be thank ful for such a beutiful spirit that your daughter has.

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