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MY adrenaline surges


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Here is a typical surge for me. Please anyone let me know if you get this as well.

My vision will start to get very sensitive

I have an epidose of "sleep paralysis".

I will start to tingle in my hands

I will itch, mostly on my hands and face.

I get this "creepy crawley" feeling in my arms,legs, and scalp.

I get short of breath, not gasping, just like I am taking in air but it's not enough.

I get the "heebie jeebies"

My heart starts racing , my bp stays the same usually around 100/65. HR goes up to about 130-150.

After a minute or two the tachy passes.

I start shaking and my teeth chatter but I am not cold.

I feel wiped out and my muscles feel like jello.

I get a terrible headache.

I get nauseous.

The rest of the night I have insomnia, like I have had 100 cups of coffee.

I have nightmares and muscle twitching.

My skin will burn all over and I get gooseflesh.

My heart rate will run around 110 while lying down and sitting for about 2 weeks.

My bp will run about 76/47 for about 2 weeks.

I am totally wiped out and bedridden for several days.

Eventually, this passes and I can function about 60% which is as good as it gets for me these days.

Am I a freak?!!!

About a month later, I have another spell and here we go again!!

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Thanks, Gena. Wow! Sounds like we are alot alike!! I just wish we could figure out what is going on w/ us!! I always get these episodes at nighttime, usually right after I have fallen asleep or around 2am. It's never during the day. That has always made me so confused. I would love to talk to you more. Please e-mail me privately anytime. Let me know if you want to talk further and I will give you my email address.

Take care,


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Wow ~ I can't say that I have what you have, poor thing.

I do have some of those symptoms, but mine are related to panic attacks...tingling in hands and feet, extreme heat, heart pounding, feeling of doom, then onto clammy hands and feet and shaking all over even though I am not cold.

Obviously, yours are not panic attacks. Wish I had more advice or encouragement for you...

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here to second right before my period (like the night before) and always 2-3 days after giving birth. The chills and shaking are severe, once in the hospital they took my bp during an episode and it was 70/40. Is this what it is? an adrenaline rush?

I don't have all your symtoms, but some are very familiar. I get itching in the hands, tachy, headache and nausea. But the shaking and chills is so severe--I think of it as shock--I don't know if other symptoms are happening. And yes, it tires me out, and affects my muscles, but just about anything affects my muscles these days, I have a neuromuscular condition on top of the POTS.


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I get many of the same symptoms you describe but not all of them.

You may want to look into a couple of things

1-Have your thyroid & thyroid antibodies tested

2-Have your estrogen, progesterone, cortisol and testosterone tested (after doing much research on this issue I believe the saliva testing is the best, most accurate)..email me if you want more info.

I have an progesterone level that doesn't do what it's supposed to so now I supplement with a tiny dose of progesterone cream on certain cycle days and it has helped. I used to have only one bad week a month and now I have one good week and 3 bad weeks but the progesterone has calmed things down some. I at least haven't ended up in the ER as frequently.

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these are a normal symptom of pots - most patients get these as a sudden rush of severe autonomic hyper function. They dont know if these episodes are caused by venous behaviour or are the result of an unknown surge in autonomic function - but the result is dilated arteries in the neck and brain and the nervous system comphensates by shooting off more adrenalin and this causes noradrenaline to further constrict the arteries.

Beta blockers can help - but the wiped out feeling is identical to a migraine - my doctor even refers to these as 'sort of like a migraine'

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Guest Julia59

Yes---I get all that too!

I have a name for it---------GEORGE.

Several years ago when I would get those attacks, a friend of mine and I decided to name them "GEORGE".

WE would tell eachother that GEORGE came for a visit today. Back then---early 80s POTs was never heard of and I was diagnosed with MVP. At the time I only would have those spells, but I didn't have all the other POTS symptoms severely until 2000. I had tachycardia for years---and those hyper-adrengic spells. I have been getting them lately-----and that is probably why you have seen a lot more posting from me-----I get a lot of anxiety with them.

I absolutely hate George----------and to me this is one of the worst features of POTs.

Here's to less "GEORGE" in your life.

Julie :0)

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