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2 Things Really.


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Hi all, im feeling Semi-Well (To put it lightly)

First thing is im doing really well. My Gym workouts are going very well, im heading for the bodybuilding routine (as a male). I also ran a mile in 8:24. This really put me through the paces, my body was at its 90% limit, i felt it all, but i was determined to beat a record what i set as a kid, and i did! I can now manage 2 Miles and a workout a day, at the gym. I was gonna go for another mile just befor i finished but had some pain, so i thought, its time to stop and be happy i did 2.

Second thing, im not sure if its linked to my workout, but my arms and hands become weak, alot with that BOTH thumbs on both hands twitch/spasm alot. I noticed yesterday i was squeezing mayonaise out of the bottle and my whole arm was shaking. I also notice that the bottoms of my arms and hands can feel weak at times. It may be in my head but have you had this befor?

Look forward to your replys.

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Sometimes my arms and legs get weak .. usually its when my bp is low and my body feels like its fighting gravity or after exercise. Maybe all the exercise you are doing could cause muscles to fatigue later?

My body certainly couldnt handle all that exercise .. im amazed how you do it :)

Get it checked out to be sure!

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You should get it checked out to be sure, especially if the symptom persists. But it is my non-medical opinion that many times these types of symptoms are just part of POTS. They are annyoing and frustrating, but often they are not dangerous.

It is great that you can function at such a high level while having POTS - running a mile is impressive! I would encourage you to focus on the positive. :)

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Belive me some days i just cannot do it. I have a posative mind after the gym but soon as i get home it all fails and i start thinking negative. Im constantly checking my pulse aswell now.

I feel like im fit and then other times i feel im not. Its a great struggle for me, i watch others around me workout and i always think do any of these people have problems?

Very hard indeed. Very.... Sometimes i want to quit.

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