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POTS & Endocrinologist???


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Hi, one of my cardiologists has decided to send me to an endocrinologist for my symptoms such as sweating, facial pallor, etc. Has anyone here on the board been sent to one??? Since they believe I have POTS, would the POTS cause my hormone/gland tests to come out irregular? Has anyone on the board been to an endocrinologist and could tell me what to expect on my first visit?

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POTS, from what I understand, doesn't affect the endocrine system, but there's a myriad of endocrine disorders that can cause POTS-like symptoms.

I have an excellect endocrineologist and don't know what I'd do without him. Hopefully yours will be able to help. When I first went, I had blood drawn to check my Thyroid function, and then I had an ultrasound of my adrenal glands. I also had a Cortisol test (blood test) and another test while I was in the hospital where they take my bloood, inject me with something, then take my blood again. Nothing too painful as long as you're not afraid of needles.

Good luck,


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Yeh the symptoms of pots are the same or similar to alot of thyroid or pituritary problems ... so hopefully if your results came up with problems a good endocrynologist can really help your quality of life! :)

Good luck!

I am under a endocrynologist and she is my wonder doc hehe... she got the ball rolling on my diagnosis of pots.

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I see an endocrinologist for Hashimoto's thyroid. I have a great Dr.

I don't think POTS causes endocrine problems but some of the symptoms can mimick or even cover up endocrine problems. Generally, POTS should not cause most of the tests results to be different so that should help your Dr figure out if your endocrine system is working properly.

While POTS most likely doesn't cause endocrine problems I think it does tend to make many of us more sensitive to the other problems we have.

Usually on the first visit they will take a detailed history and do some blood tests and possibly some urine tests. They may order a 24 hr urine test for you to do at home.

Good luck and I hope you get a great Dr.!

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Guest Finrussak

POTS and related dysautonomias CAN affect the endocrine system by the virtue of the fact that neurohormones are directly affected which then can cause a cascade effect. I have seen several endocrinologists and after ruling out the "usual" and easier dx of thyroid or adrenal tumor or diabetes I am dismissed. Only one (God love his soul) even thought of dysautonomia but admitted he knew too little to advise further. In my case, when I am having an episode of up/down BP it sets off abnormal dopamine, adrenaline, seratoinin AND aldosterone, blood sugar, insulin, etc ( the latter 3 are considered "endocrine" rather than neurohormone). My advice is to take along info about dysauto and have them take as many blood and urine tests as necessary to rule out every PRIMARY endocrine cause, but keep in mind that even an abnormal result may not mean its primarily an endocrine (i.e. fixable) problem; but may very well be the RESULT of the underlying dysauto stuff.

Altho POTS doesnt "usually" affect endocrine system, many with POTS have a whole range or mix of various dysautonomias and therefore have other things affected.

Good luck!!!! Only by ruling out what your sx ARENT can you start to see what's left to deal with...and thats a good thing.

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I saw an endocrinologist a year ago as part of the process for figuring out what the heck I had going on in my body. All he did was rule out Addison's, Cushing's, a pituitary tumor, etc. He never had heard of POTS and didn't seem interested in hearing about it.

My primary problem is that my metabolism has gone haywire since I developed POTS. I lost a ton of weight immediately, have shortness of breath, a fast heart rate, flushing episodes, etc. So in my case I think hormones play a huge role (plus I have postpartum-induced POTS, so hormones were definitely at work in starting this illness). Good luck.


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