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GEEZ! I'm so done w/ sickness!


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:angry:Hey folks...

I am feeling slighty aggitated tonight... as I am getting sick once again.. I just got(i mean literally too! like not even 2 1/2 weeks) over having acute broncitus..w/sinus infection and ear infection...and last night my ears started to hurt like mad..and this afternoon I woke up w/ ear aches and sore throat.. and nasty coughing.. and my lord my chest hurts like H***!.. to breath have my shirt rub on it... UGH! and head congestion.. GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRR! :huh: chills.. body shakes.. muscles aches,, if its an ach..I'm sure I have it.. :(

ANd so i layed back down to sleep some more..as I am having ahrd time getting upright..or staying upright....and I am like slumped forward or to the side.. and am having them friggin leg and feet cramps again..

AHHHHHHHHHH!! i hate this...its like its not even the dead of winter yet.. and I have been sick (aside from usuall potsy stuff) like non stop! I have had broncitus twice since september.. maybe them antibioticd arent getting rid of?? Hmmm

which of course any illness are bug attaching you is going to mess with the pots big time...

i woke up here alittle while ago.. and I was so dizzy that i didnt dare sit up.. and my eyes are swollen and puffy. and the eyeballs feel puffy and weird..(i know not possible to have puffy eyeballs but it feels like that) and I finally make it to the bathroom.. and my cheecks are bright red.. and around my mouth and my lips are white as can be.. looks very scary! I'd make a good halloween mask! LOL

Sorry folks.. but i'm am so fed up with not feeling well...shoot if i ever felt "WELL" i might think that i was dying or something!! and would wonder what that "weird feeling"is.. anew one for me!!! :D

well anyway whine (sp?) session is now over..

thanks for the vent...

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Dizzygirl, Have you been to the doctor again? You said that you were on an antibiotic but it did not seem to be working. If you are having peristent sinus infections that aren't responding to antibiotics your doctor might suggest having a minor surgery. This is just what I learned when I was having such a time. I recently had two horrific months- just could not get well. So, I broke down and went to the doctor (which most of us hate doing- I know). I was given a Z-Pac (a strong 5 day anitbiotic) and my life has literally changed in a period of two weeks. I feel phenomenal. I wonder if an antibiotic would have helped me sooner. It definitely helped this time. I feel like a different person. So, since you just can't seem to shake whatever you have see a doctor- maybe even a new one. The solution may be easier than you think- I hope so. Good luck!!


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Hi.. yeah iwas in the ER a few weekends ago.. and they have med a boat load of meds.. which i tokk and finished..the anti-biotic was a strong one.. as it is one of the few that work for me.. gave me a puffer 9inhaler) and vicodin +ear drops.

I am going to call my doc Monday.. and if need be go to fast track tomorrow if not better...

Inmay when I had pneumonia.. it took like 3 diferent rounds of antio-biotics before something worked... crazy...I was miserable for a good 6 weeks.. it started out as an upper respitory infectio.. then turned to walking pneumonia.. then broncitus...

sorry I dont mean to sound like acomplainer.. I just get so frustrated at times!

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Linda, just make sure they give you enough antibiotic. For any sinus the minimum time to take antibiotics is 3 weeks. They are incredibly hard to treat and very tenacious. I have had only 2, but I was on treatment for a month with both of them. A real pain, but they didn't keep flaring back up. feel better soon!!! morgan

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Oh Linda broncitus is the worst! I use to get it every year... i know the feeling all to well :( sorry that you are suffering with it.

They put me on cortisone to treat it once (although i think that may have been because it was turning more like pnenomia)... just be careful if they put you on cortisone. (sorry im not trying to scare you i just remember it can mess with your system for a while .. but so can antiibiotics ... ah you cant win)

Do you gargle with warm salt water? i know it sounds really but i try and gargle it through my nose and it helps clear it .... stings like **** though ....

Whing whinge whinge away! the net is good for whingeing, you cant whigne too much to the people in your 'real' life. .. but online you can vent and whinge away :angry: I hope you start to feel better soon.

Hey at least you may be able to get your hands on tamiflu! (in aus its really hard to get flu type medication as alot of people are paranoid about bird flu) ... you can start your own private medical stockpile hehehe

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I feel for you...I used to get terrible sinus infections before I had my sinus surgery. I still get them from time to time, but not as bad. In addition to Morgan's comment that the meds must be taken at least 3 weeks (my sinus doc doesn't do less than 30 days), you could have a strain of bacteria that is resistat to the antibiotics you're taking.

I've posted about sinus care here many times, so if you want to search you can check what's already been suggested.

I know how icky it feels for you. Give your body all the rest it's asking you for. Nina

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i don't have anything of much use to add but just wanted to send some (((hugs))). i've been on antibiotics 4 times in the past 3 months for ear, kidney, & bladder infections & know how frustrated i've been with the seeming onslaught....and having had pneumonia & sinus infections in the past i know that they're honestly a lot worse. i'd second what others have said though about really being persistent about getting things fully taken care of, as hard as it is to advocate for yourself when you're feeling so rotten.

hang in there,

:P melissa

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