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Pain in Bones & Joints


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HI. I have had POTS for a year (confirmed) and had no idea that all the pain I get in my joints and bones was related to this illness. My ribs get extremely painful and my ankles sometimes feel like they will snap with my next step. I called and asked about it today and found out it is extremely common in POTS patients. Please share your experience with this kind of pain so I can compare to what happens to me. Thank you!

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Hi Chrissy, sorry about your pain.

I feel like my ankles are constantly sprained, which makes walking wonderful. I have lots of aches and pains too, like my ribs have detached. It's all pretty strange. I find that one advil will help, but it does make me dizzier, so I have to decide which is worse. I'm not supposed to take it anyway, but somedays, it gets top honors. I wonder if there is an over lapping fibro thing, but who knows. morgan

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Hi Chrissy,

Pain was actually my first symptom ( I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2002 after 4 years of chronic pain-- it started when I was 16).

I have pain almost all the time, mostly in my legs (thigh area) and shoulders, but I also have frequent muscular chest pain. Sometimes it's just a dull ache which I would compare to the ache one gets the day after working out too much (if ya know what I mean). Other times it feels like my bones are breaking/broken and it takes all of my strength to keep from screaming (at these times I usually lay in bed moaning and generally feeling sorry for myself).

I used to have a perscription for Percaset (spelling?) and Neurontin for the pain, but since getting POTS, my body is unable to handle both medications. Now I just weather through the pain...I guess I'm finally getting used to it after nearly 8 years.

Hope you find some answers and some treatment :(

- Lauren

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I can add a "me too".. I can not rememebr not having some kind of bone/joint/ or muscular pain..

Now if there were a magic pill to take away the mysterious pain.. along with the pots.. that would be great!!

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